Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Miles... oh, the miles!

I'm going to try to post more of the mileage of the wonderful joiner-inners of Pay it 40-ward shared with me. I'll do the addition tomorrow, as I know there will be more coming in. Thank you ALL for the amazing efforts!

Catherine - An awesome day for a run here in WI, too! 30 degrees, the headwind wasn't too bad, and there were very few ice fields to tip toe across. 9.3 miles, just for Phoebe!

Angie - Gus and I ran/walked/sniffed/explored/peed/dodged puddles for a little over 6.5 miles for you!

Bethany - Yesterday I wandered around LA with 10.7 miles of walking recorded on the day 40ward would have occurred ... However I promised a beach run so today I hope to make it to the beach to log my actual "run" (I will use that word loosely )feeling wonderful with Phoebe VanScoy Giessler at Mayfair Hotel L.A.
Katherine - (In a comment after reading the blog about Saralyn's very grand Pay it 40ward idea... )I love this!!!!!'
Mostly grateful I have such rich and inspiring friends and family. Not only will we do this for Francesca's first birthday- but here is a mile for you Phoebe!

Kim: Nothing says I love you quite like 10.2 miles at 9:22 pace on a TREADMILL in the dead of winter. Happy 40ward Phoebe VanScoy Giessler!! I'm feeling like a badass mother runner for the first time since the half marathon in October ! Thank you my friend!

Jodi (Coach of the famous CCS track team) This is for my friend and former track buddy, Phoebe!!!
Anika & Lara... We just walked 3+3=6 miles for you! We almost wiped out on the ice and were blown away on the roaring wind....but we walked to celebrate your birth and your rockin' spirit!

Beautiful day in atlanta for 8 miles.

I know I am missing some that have been sent... .I will continue to hunt. Back to work! And did I say THANK YOU?!? 

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