Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pay it 40-ward: Mile 13 + Many victories abound!

Here we are! I made it to the Big Day (birthday) and survived the Sad Day (run day) with the help of my incredible family and some serious cyber-love. I can't get over how much people have given of themselves, both for the Pay it 40-ward challenge and in getting miles in for me yesterday. I am almost inevitably going to leave someone out,  but I will do my best.

First, an update from my cousin, Teagan, who is Mile 13. Here's her FB message to me from yesterday:

Hey aunt phoebe I just wanted to let you know what I did for the pay it forty word: For my pay it 40ward, I decided to donate 10 coloring books and 10 packs of crayons to Gollisano Children's Hospital. I came up with this because my friend Cameron's little cousin Corey is constantly in and out of Gollisano. I was just thinking of how boring it must be to just sit there all day and do nothing, so I decided to get something that would allow the children to be creative. - Teagan Bills (Mile 13) P.S. Happy birthday aunt phoebe,

Teagan at the scene of the good deed.
That's WONDERFUL! Thank you, Teagan!!

And, a fantastic bunch of people have put in their miles for me. Here's one from Doug, who really went all out, Cape & All, with a tough walking goal. Here's his FB post about it:

So today is supposed to have been the day my friend Phoebe VanScoy Giessler had planned on running 40 miles in celebration of her 40th birthday tomorrow. (Happiest of birthdays to you Phoebe!) But about a month ago an accident sidelined that idea, for her at least. Instead she asked her friends to put in a mile or two in her stead.

As I have started walking this month I plan on dedicating all of my mileage today to her cause of Paying it 40ward. In celebration of successfully completing 12 weeks of smoking cessation this past Thursday, I will be walking (and maybe for part of it jogging) 12 miles.

If you are in the area and want to cheer me on (offer me water, whatever  ) I will be heading out around 11 AM and heading down Coddington Road, crossing on Bank St to Slatterville Road and coming back into Ithaca. I'm thinking the whole route should take me about 3 to 4 hours.

Then, from Kate, a mutual friend on FB, this message and these photos:

Phoebe VanScoy GiesslerDoug Hill wanted me to tag you. This is the midway point. Slaterville Rd. He was a bit chilly but in good spirits. My miss Sunshine walked with him a bit and I picked her up down the road a bit. She wanted to be a part of it too. I will send you one of those pics via messenger as I don't feel comfortable with them on Facebook. More pics to come later.
Not every guy who would walk 13 miles through the streets of Ithaca with a 40-ward cape on his back. Thanks Doug!! 
His mini-coach is super motivating and super-cute, huh?

And one more, for now, since I am going to head to church in a minute... On Friday afternoon, I got THIS message on Facebook from my dear friend, Jodi:

Happy early birthday Phoebe!!! From all of us here at the Candor Track and Field Team!!!! These were miles we did just today, some inside, some outside! Thinking of you and your goal of 40 miles, maybe next year you just run 41 and done?!? Love ya!!!
They did these miles LITERALLY on my old stomping ground.
This one left me speechless. Love this lady and these kids!

Many many others have done miles for me, sent delightful messages and love and support. I will post more of these later, but gotta go get some God on.

Thanks for a great 40th! Not how I planned to spend it, but a fantastic weekend for sure!

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