Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pay it 40-ward in Action: Mile 10 +

More and more and more Miles and 40-wards and Wonderfuls!

From Mandy, my Mile 10 friend who I saw at least half a dozen times this winter. With each meeting, she sincerely and warmly told me what a great idea she thought Pay it 40-ward was. Here's her write up about the experience. It goes pretty well beyond $5... pretty cool:

So. I didn't run. I am not a runner. I am a skier. Sorry. But, I wanted to let you know that your 40th birthday has impacted me in a much different way. I am as you know, vehemently opposed to animal testing and the fur industry. However, I eat meat. This has plagued me in the guilt department for years. So, In honor of you (the awesome veg that you are) Hunter and I have been going vegetarian about 4 nights a week now since the beginning of the year! It is so much fun. I apparently love Pesto! Who knew? Also I make a killer sweet potato ratatouille. I am trying to live my life now with less hypocrisy. I realize that we all have some, but to lessen it is a perhaps good thing. So thank you. Also-can we swap some recipes? I want to keep this beautiful thing going. Also what became of your $5.00? It went to the North Conway Humane Society where 11 Brittany Spaniels from Tamworth were rescued out of a dire, hoarding/breeding facility. I told the Shelter all about your 40th birthday and paying it forward and added an extra $20.00. You inspire me! 

Love, your Mile 10

Did I mention I know Mandy from theater? But, of course, this is just her on a typical Tuesday morning....

And from Mile 35, Belynda... these miles:


Thinking of you today. Coincidentally, I had signed up for a 5k Lucky Leprechaun today run that I ran in this morning. It is no where near the amount of miles and effort that you were going to put in, but you did some running in spirit with me today. Please note the (almost) and the 4-point-0 :) I'm hopeful you will have successful surgery and PT to be back at pounding the pavement as soon as possible.

Warm Wishes,
B, a Lepre-CAN, not a Lepre-CAN''T

Cindy - Mile 22 says....

Okay, here are my miles. I couldn't figure out how to post the odometer photo on the other page. I did 4 miles for you today, Phoebe. I haven't run in several years and I must say it was not pretty. I had just slightly better time than walking them 13:00s instead of 15:00s but the point was to run where you couldn't. Glad I could do my part. Oh and to have the full experience I am now icing my knee. Much love!
Dreadmills Tell No Lies. (They just make us cry!)
Bethany -  Mile 4, was a WAY overachiever on this! Thanks for even more double-digit miles today, Bethany!:

Logged you another 13.68 today to go with my 10.7 yesterday .... The scenery was rough and the blue skies blazing with 80+ degrees torture ... But I endured and am about to head to Albuquerque ... Hope your birthday has rocked in spite of it all!!! 

Hollywood Sign waaayyyy  back there!

Mandy, Mile 11 and a BAMR, participated in a 5-mile Shamrock Shuffle today. Along for the run was her husband, John. Together, that's 10 VERY CHILLY miles they ran for me. (A slight contrast to Bethany's in LA!)

Tutu Envy Abounds!

This from Saralyn, who did the way-cool 40-ward idea 
Today is my cousin Phoebe VanScoy Giessler's 40th birthday. To celebrate she was going to run a forty mile race yesterday.... But unfortunately she is down for the count and needs knee surgery. In your honor, phoebe, we busted out the jogging stroller for 4 miles and our first outdoor run of the season. I have a long way to go until I'm a badass mother runner like you!! Happy happy birthday!
Saralyn is in Colorado so she runs at, like, 900,00 feet or something. Like Sandra Bullock in Gravity but without the oxygen mask..
Mile 20, 32, and 34 (Lauren, Rebekah and Vicki) all got together today and ran for a total of 66 miles! (WHAT!?) These three amazing Vermont ladies were committed to running with me in-person on Saturday, so I love the fact that they were still able to get a long run in together. Lauren says: I figure we logged 66 miles collectively and thought of you a lot along the way. We will be together this time next year for an amazing, inspiring, beautiful run. Until then, take care of you. Happy pay it 40ward.

Okay... that's all for tonight. I have SO much more to share. But, c'mon... who's still reading all these tonight. 

This was, honestly, the best birthday of my life. And I've had a pretty awesome life and some exceptionally awesome birthdays. 

Onward and fortyward, ya'll! 

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