Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pay It 40-ward in Action: BONUS ROUND!

I got a great photo in my email in box today from Mile 2, Kerry, who used her $5 as part of her donation to the Boys & Girls Club. You may recall the post  about her from a few weeks ago. I implore any of my teammates who are struggling with where to put their good deed efforts to consider donating to her marathon cause. She's working to raise $15,000 for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in order to honor her younger brother and her dear friend, both of whom died of cancer. 

Kerry's note with the photo:
I love that the category is "inspired"! Hope you had an amazing "warm" run today!! Hugs from VT!! Kerry 

And, speaking of delightful and surprising emails, I got one earlier this week from yet another dear person who knew me before I was born. Ellie, who hails from Candor but now lives in New Hartford, NY, is a music therapist who works with developmentally disabled individuals (mostly adolescents and adults, I think....). She is a "theater person" by which I mean she not only appreciate it and produces it, she knows and rubs elbows with some serious Varsity theater people. Ya. You want to know her, believe me!

The reason her email surprised me is that, until I received it, I didn't know she was 'in' on this project. (That makes her mile 44, believe it or not! Just remember: I am NOT running 44 miles. Forty is PUH-LENTY, thank you very much!)

Anyway, here is Ellie's email explaining her plan:

Hi Phoebe! I've been thinking about what to do (extra special) for your super duper birthday project and I think this is right up your alley. I have a friend who works for Mass General as a pharmacist in oncology. His mom is my friend from the church choir. He is also a runner. He applied for and got one of the spots in the Boston Marathon through the hospital. He in turn has to pay $5000 to Mass General for the pediatric cancer research unit. His name is  Michael Diviak. I am helping him raise money by baking gluten free carrot/peanut butter doggie treats and selling them. I have baked 11 batches so far and they are selling well and are very yummy. Well, not yummy to me personally, but the dogs gobble 'em up! Good luck on your Project! You are so impressive with your dedication to running! Love reading your posts, too.

People are so stinking creative and good and kind.... Have I mentioned how much I love this project?

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