Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mile 22: Pay It 40-ward in Action

There's nothing better than getting emails from my Pay it 40-ward teammates that tell me all about how they have used their $5 to help a cause or individuals in need.... EXCEPT when I get an email that requires me to do nothing but copy and paste. YA HOO! Thank you, Cindy. This is so full of good luck and coincidence that it almost makes a person think there is no good luck or coindidence - just good, old fashioned destiny!

My first go as a flower girl was in Cindy's wedding circa... ummm... well... it was definitely the '70s! Thats me in the front being exceptionally non-cooperative. My sister, Heidi, is the angelic blonde to my left.

Hi Phoebe,
I am the owner of mile 22 in your Pay It 40ward run, and I am reporting on use of your five dollars. I wanted to use the $5 on something that gave to others and would mean something to you.

My second cousin once removed, Amy Stilwell Prosser, Andrea Lynn Turcik (Amy’s daughter), and Karyn Volpicelli (their friend) are participants in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk,  Each year these three do the walk in NYC in October.  Each member of their team must raise $1800.  Their first fundraising activity of the year was last weekend, Strike out Against Cancer. 

I chose this fundraiser because:
  • it was a family member’s event;
  •  I thought the walk was 40 miles when I chose it (2 days of 20), but then realized when I got there it’s only 39 miles.  But, I figured this was still okay because 39  will be your age (wink-wink) from now through infinity.  Plus, Amy, Andrea and Karyn tell me that they have to walk to and from the starting point in NYC.  When that is said and done, they said it is clearly 40 miles!!  (Perfect!);
  • and it supports putting an end to breast cancer.  A cause near and dear to you and your family.

When I arrived I began to explain to Amy what I was doing:

“A friend I used to babysit is running 40 miles for…” I said.
“One of Hope’s kids?” She interrupted.  
“Well, yes,” I continued.  “How do you know Hope?”
“I went to a shower at her house and remember her kids and the chocolate fondue.”  (I remember the chocolate fondue, too. Was that the dish of the 80s?)

I proceeded to tell her about your run.  “Hope’s daughter, Phoebe, is running 40 miles for her 40th birthday.  I have $5 to do some kindness for my mile—Mile 22-- of her run.  I thought supporting this event for breast cancer would mean something to Phoebe because of…”
“ Polly” she said.
“How do you know Polly?”  I asked.
“Through Kate Feldbauer Handy.” (Editors note: Kate was a dear friend and co-worker of Polly's)
It was then I remembered how small the world really is.  

I knew I was at the right event to spend your $5.  I put the $5 into the 50/50 raffle and got my tickets.  The raffle ended up being $160 (4 x 40). I never win anything, but I WON!  My $80 (2 x 40) I returned to the three for their walk.

Your $5 produced 16 times as much for a great cause.  Thank you, Phoebe and good luck on this run. 

Now that just plain awesome, doncha think? Thank you, Cindy, for the great idea, the great follow through, and the great story telling! 

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