Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mile 2: Pay It 40-ward in action!

Kerry is a Mother Runner (and Mother Rower) who I found on Twitter. Or maybe she found me. Either way, the connection we made was entirely the fault of the rock stars of  Another Mother Runner. She is one of my favorite people who've I've never actually met! Always at the ready with an 'attagirl' or 'I feel ya' reply Tweet, she's also wicked smaht and science-y. She's got plenty of long miles up her sleeve this winter, too, as she trains with and for the Dana Farber group in preparation for 2014 Boston. She's a great 'follow' on Twitter: @RowGirl2012
Anyhoo, I can't say what she's got planned for this little project any better than she said it to me. You can tell from her note to me that it means a great deal to her. Huzzah to that!
Here is Kerry's Pay It 40-ward in action. 
I know where your $5 is going: to the Boys and Girls Club here in BTV. $5 will give another kid a years membership there and I could go on forever about what that will give that kid.
What I'm having a hard time doing is articulating what the B&G club has and will give my family. We are not poor, we are very, very blessed...yet, we have gotten so much unconditioned care and love from them and I'm struggling with how to give back. I donate every month, I have ideas on how I can help and volunteer, but there is a divide and I know when I cross that, I will have grown.

So for now, $5 it is and $5 more dollars every month. Each time, one more kid, who no matter who they are, can cross the divide and make this world a better place.
Thanks Phoebe. Hope it makes sense.

VT hugs, K

(Hey, Kerry, please let me know if I guessed wrong on tbe Boys & Girls Club link... I wanted to give them a little cyber traffic if possible!)

Yay, Kerry! Thank you so much for being part of this push toward goodness in the Universe!

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