Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Route, route, route for the 40 miler

Yes, I finally made a decision about the route I will be taking for the 40 mile run. It does not meet all of my criteria and that bums me out. Of course when I am fully awake and aware I remember that I live where I live and thereby can never have the perfect scenario for the run.

To review, my dream run would have featured:

  • flat course
  • close to fuel and restroom facilities
  • start and/or end near my home

About somethings I was torn. For example, I could not clearly identify if there was an advantage to an out-and-back v. looped course. As long as the loop wasn't TOO short, I think it would have been fine.

And about SOME things I knew I was hosed. Like my desire to run on the rail trails around here. There is a SMALL chance that they will be clear of snow on March 15 but they almost certainly will be completely muddy. (Mud Season is not just a clever name...)

So, in a flash of genius, after finally deciding I just had to decide, I decided! Here it is:

Click here to see the details: http://runkeeper.com/user/PhoebeVG/route/2810386

The best part of this out-and-back route is that the 20-mile mark is at my friend Kathleen's house. That's THEEE Kathleen. As in MILE 1 of my teammates! I will be able to change clothes, use a real bathroom, and have something real to eat, if I choose to, at her place. I will also be able to direct anyone who wishes to be part of the day but not running the whole dang thing to her house as a way station. (Huh. Is it WEIGH station or way station? I have no idea. I am not going to look it up. You can clear it up for me when you read this, you wicked smaht readers.)

There are also at least 4 or 5 gas stations on this route where I (we?) can take care of biological needs that may arise outside of mile 1, 20 or 40!

Unfortunately, even though she has generously agreed to allow me (us) to use her home as a half way point, Kathleen won't be home that day as she has a work obligation. The Controversial Genius' work is  never done. We will, actually, be running right by her school - TWICE! - so in addition to marching through her home and taking advantage of her plumbing and heating, there will be at least two opportunities to harrass her in person. WOO HOO!

More unfortunately, my dream of running a flat course is totally out the window. I kind of knew it would be, but somehow convinced myself that I would think of a solution to this problem. Obviously, there is no easy way to take New Hampshire and make it flat. Thankfully, I train here so it's not like the hills are going to be a shock to my system.

Of course all of this route planning is in place but contingent on the Safety Baron (my husband) agreeing that we are good to go on the big day. Given the weather as of late (HEY! I made it all the way to the end without mentioning the weather! GO ME!) we may have some serious negotiations come run day. He vetoed a couple of runs in the last few weeks based on below-freezing temps and ice. I would like to work up the energy to be annoyed by this but I was completely relieved in reality. Thank you, Safety Baron!

Speaking of... 8 miles on the calendar for tomorrow so I better hit the sack. It's going to take at least 15 minutes just to get my layers on. Let's hear it for my new running Yak Trax which saved my butt SO many times in the last few days...!

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