Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Task avoidance: PT Day 2

I have a boatload of work to do for a church committee I am on, but I logged on to the computer and remembered that I hadn't posted about my second round of PT yet. So, here's to avoiding some writing.

The PT guy agreed with my idea to do a run just before my appointment today so that I'd be warmed up when I got there. With that in mind, I ran my easiest, flattest and fastest 3 miles in ages this morning just  before my appointment. His facility, in addition to being super cool and filled with a truck load of intriguing looking torture devices PT equipment, is just steps away from Cotton Valley Trail. This is literally the only flat running place in a 50 mile radius. Well, not counting the track. I was pretty pleased to feel the need to hold the reins tightly on this run. It has been so long since I've run with any kind of speed, I was truly tempted to let 'er fly. I still clocked the last mile at about 8:37. Not fast but certainly not the plodding speed I have been going.

It was another educational session. He taught me a couple of strength training moves to do with a resistance band. These are meant to increase the strength in my glutes, thus helping me stay away from Dead Butt Syndrome. This YoutTube link shows you the "monster walk" (though he had me put the band around my ankles as opposed to just below the knees). After a few minutes (or, for me, about ONE minute) this thing really starts working the hips (or, 'side ass'). His warning to me was to NOT overdo this and to NOT do this just before a run, as it will fatigue the  muscles and probably make you change your gait - thus, making you prone to injury.

The other exercise he didn't name so I can't give you a link. Basically, you stand with the band around your ankles, balance on one leg and pull out with the other leg at different angles. The muscles you are working should actually be in the leg on which you are balancing, not in the leg that is doing the pulling. Once you get the hang of it, you are also supposed to work your upper body into it by bending over, as if you are picking things up. This is also an exercise to be done POST run, not pre-.

We also reviewed the stretches he gave me the other day and had me show him 'how I roll'. Well, how I foam roll. I must have done it okay because his only advice was that when I found a tender spot to 'breath through it'.

He did another round of ultrasound on the tendon. This time he cranked the level a little and I definitely felt some, uh, action. This was comforting, actually, as the small amount of pain helped me feel like there was something going on in there. Healing, hopefully!

Finally, he massaged the muscles in my quad a bit, retaped my leg and I was on my way.

Another good session. Another BEAUTIFUL day out and about my boys this afternoon. I am in denial that we have to go back to school next week. What's the deal with me not being independently wealthy anyway? Humph.

Little Man loves the swing! And he kept his hat on today!

We are in for years bad family photos... And yes, my middle kid is wearing an orange shirt and a red hat. He's got the fashion sense of his mother.

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