Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

My two Mother's Day gifts were perfect:

1. A kid-free morning to volunteer at the Big Lake Half Marathon. Thought it was gonna pour but it was quite warm and humid and the black flies were ridiculous. BUT, I loved cheering on the 1,000+ amazing runners. I particularly loved cheering on the handful of friends I knew on the course. I was marshaling at mile 3.5... which turned into mile 11 after they did a loop... so I had a great time.

2. When I got home my husband presented me with gift number 2: the garage fridge stocked with beer and wine. (Lately we have always been out of any adult beverages at the precise moment one would have really hit the spot.) What can I say? He knows me!

On another note.... I am going to gun for a BQ at the October 6th Rockfest Marathon in Hampton, NH. Flat and fast, they say. Here's hopin' this old girl can make it happen. Training officially starts in June by my brain is already obsessing.

Happy Mother's Day, moms. Not an easy day for so many, but I hope all your maternal thoughts are happy and hopeful ones. Most days I take my Mom and my Momhood for granted. I will try not to... for tomorrow, anyway!

Me and my sign. A nice fella from a local running club was taking photos. And no, I was not going for 'sexy' with the off-the-shoulder blaze orange vest. I just ooze sexy naturally, obviously.

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