Monday, April 22, 2013


My Tweet this morning:

I wanna be the Helen Keller to this PT guy's Annie Sullivan. Without all the throwing of food... #GottaHeal #GottaQualify #BostonMarathon

Yes, I had my first day of PT today to see what we can do about my knee problem. I would not say we got Miracle Worker results, but it's early yet.

Kevin, the PT, was completely awesome. I estimated to Scott that the appointment would be about 30 minutes, 45 if I was lucky. I got about 90 minutes of his undivided attention. WOW! Among other notes:
  • I was video taped on the treadmill so he could analyze my gate (stay tuned for the that) 
  • He put kinseo (sp?) tape on my leg (my beach volleyball skills immediately went through the roof, and if you didn't watch Misty May-Trainer and Kerry Walsh in the 2012 Games, nevermind)
  • I had each of my legs measured to see if they were the same length (they are technically the same, though something about the way I walk makes the right one shorter)
  • I made a joke ("Well, I wouldn't be surprised if they are not the same length, my parents are first cousins.")
  • He made a joke. ("Good news. They are the same length. Must be second cousins.")
  • I had my legs bent and my leg strength tested in some bizarre angles. (Felt super wussy during this phase of things but good ol' Kevin did not call me a Pansy or anything.)
  • I had Ultrasound therapy, an explanation for which I have lifted from because I wasn't sure what it was:
Knee pain can be caused by a large number of factors that include the following; arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, torn cartilage, torn ligament, strains or sprains, connective-tissues disorders (e.g., lupus) and knee injuries (dislocation of the kneecap). Ultrasound therapy is an approved physical therapy treatment used by doctors, physical therapists and occupational therapists to help reduce and/or eliminate your knee pain by sending high frequency sound waves, which provide deep heat, to your affected knee tissues and stimulate the healing process.
Read more: Ultrasound Therapy for Knee Pain |

  • It's looking like I have tendinitis (I don't know the name of the tendon. He said it but it was more than 4 letters long so it went out of my brain). 
  • The treatment is very specific stretches for my quad and hip flexor 2-3 times a day. (He gave me a print out of how to do the stretches, thank heavens.) This trick to this is to get the stretch without stressing the knee. Not simple.
  • He also recommends foam rolling "everywhere". (I assume this means everywhere on my body, and not everywhere in the world. That might take awhile).
  • He said my hamstrings are actual quite good/flexible... for a runner.
  • I am okay to run as long as I can handle the pain. (I ran another hilly 3-miler with the stroller this afternoon... 3 is definitely as far as my knee wants to go for now)
  • I have 2 more appointments this week in which he will go over his analysis of my gait and give me some strength exercises. (He agrees that I probably have a bit of Dead Butt Syndrome. Maybe I have MOSTLY Dead Butt Syndrome, like a character is The Princess Bride might have.)
So, I am feeling pretty good about this. We have a glorious week off from school/work, so I can sleep in not worry about rushing out in the mornings. In fact, when I got home from the run this afternoon, Scott had dinner going on the deck. I had the luxury of stretching and foam rolling out in the sunshine, on the deck, boys playing in the yard, baby toddling around my legs, and a beer within reach. Life is very, very good!

Gabe and me post-hill conquering. Slow pace, short distance. Still, I'll take it!

My beach volleyball leg, yoga mat, foam roller, running buddy and sunshine.

This is a camping kitchen my parents gave us for Christmas. Shame to keep it in the garage and use it just a couple of times a year, so we use it on the deck. So good to have spring!

P.S. While Kevin didn't endorse my chosen method of self-treatment (copious amounts of wine, chocolate, and self-pity/loathing), he didn't dismiss it either. For now I think I am going to incorporate both his and my methods of rehab into my life. 

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