Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

I have a race report to write and post but no energy to do so. "Tomorrow," she said with very little confidence.

But... my two "big" boys are spending a week at their G.G. & Poppa's on Cape Cod. This is by far the boys' longest stretch away from us so I've been sending them each a short email everyday and we have Skyped - with hilarious results - as well. I just love this "letter", which was presumably typed by my father-in-law. I think it captures each of them beautifully:

Dear Mom & Dad,

From Tommy: We went to a place and saw how Native Americans lived and we saw how the Pilgrims lived in 1627. The Native Americans have been there for 12,000 years. Longer than anything else could be there. They didn't discover electricity yet.

From Elliott: We had a very good time seeing how the Native Americans lived. I found interesting how they made the fishing nets. I liked the Pilgrims fort with the cannons upstairs. (NOTE: Elliott tried out all the chairs in the various Pilgrim houses. We named him "The Chairman".)

From Tommy: Me & Elliott found people to play with at the playground in Falmouth. In case you are wondering, I went down a fire pole, which I don't think you have ever seen me do.

We are looking forward to Skyping tonight.

Love you
Tom & El

Apparently at some point a group of Japanese tourists came upon the boys and couldn't get enough of them, saying, "Beautiful boys. Beautiful boys!" They took many pictures of them, too. Not surprisingly, Elliott ate it up and Tommy got exceptionally annoyed.

Here's hoping the rest of their week goes as well and that G.G. and Poppa survive the hilarity (a.k.a. exhaustion) that is hanging out with our two eldest!

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