Monday, August 20, 2012

Cross training

Lots of people are already "back to school" but we don't get into the swing of things until after Labor Day. As such, we are at the point in the summer where the boys NEEEEEED to get back to school and yet, all of us are kind of dreading the rigid schedule that's about to come upon us.

One thing that's a little easier once school starts is working out. "Easier" not because I'm suddenly exceptionally fit and can run like a gazelle but easier because there's no question about fitting my run in. It's a scary o'clock situation or it's not happening. Sometimes only having one option simplifies things and you just do it. (Nike catch phrase unintentional. I'm a Brooks girl.)

I'm still a humongous slouch when it comes to cross training but now that Gabriel is 4-months old and able to enjoy a wee bit of "rough housing", I have re-instituted my "Exercise, Exercise, Ex- Ex- Exercise" workout. Of course, big brothers are not to be left out. And how do you keep big brothers amused and willing to take turns? Video taping for YouTube, of course!

I think the ladies and fellas at P90X should be very afraid. This will catch on. Oh, yes. It will catch on.

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