Sunday, August 26, 2012

I WIN... with an asterisk

On Saturday morning Gabriel and I headed out for a 5K. It was a cloudy, cool-ish morning and a flat course. A perfect scenario for a Mother Runner and her Stroller Dude. Once again I lucked out by having friends with cameras at the race. Here's my morning in photos, thanks to Karen and Josh!!

This is the race I ran.

My friend (she's having a baby in January!) Mandy was the race director. She's pretty awesome....

This is a pre-race photo of Karen, Megan and Jess. I think this may be the most gorgeous picture of anyone ever. Aren't they beautiful?

This is Gabe and me near the finish. It was a cloudy day so I didn't give him added sun protection/block his view with a blanket draped in front. BIG mistake. He wasn't happy. BUT, he didn't flat-out SCREAM either, so I'm only like the 3rd worst mother in the world, not the Top Vote Getter.
This is my friend, John. His wife is Mandy, the race director heavy-with-child. He would have finished ahead of me but he's busy with CrossFit and being very well-rounded. (That sounds supremely sarcastic but it's actually not.) He's going to be a great dad.
Megan and Karen both had fantastic races, both achieving elusive PRs... Karen triumphant at last over that 30:00 barrier! Great work, Ladies!!
I know Jim and Priscilla Adams from theater. They did this walk in honor of her brother, Tim, who is recovering from an aneurysm. They are pretty hilarious.  

Post-race banana and boob session.
What's this??
I won my age group!? (And was really meek and shy about it, clearly.)

And like any good Olympian, I took a bite. Man, NBC is glad that most Olympians brush their hair before the medal ceremonies! Puurrrrrty!
The asterisk I mention in the title to all of this is that I DID win my age group, but the overall female winner was in my age group... so I was the 2nd woman between 30 and 39 to finish. Also, the woman who won the 60-69 age group finished 2 minutes ahead of me. Wowza!
So, here's the real scoop
42 out of  131 finishers
2 out of 17 age group*
7:59 pace (woo-hoo! under 8:00s!!)


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