Sunday, July 15, 2012

Feelin' hot-hot-hot!

Today I completed my hottest run of the summer. Possibly the hottest run of my LIFE!

I survived an 8-miler. I went out at about 12;30 (SOOOO late in the day for me!). Because I'm staying just outside Philly with my sister, I needed to make sure my run didn't mess with the magic of 6 small-ish people and 2 other grown ups. Thankfully, my very clever and accomodating sister had just the thing: Valley Green. It's a nature trail that is about 13 minutes (not 11 and not 15, right Heidi?) from her house. It runs along the Wissahickon River, is 8-miles (out and back) and it's BEAUTIFUL. Also, it's completely shaded. Of course, no amount of shade can protect you from 90+ degree temps and 6 billion percent humidity.

My sister and her husband took charge of the gang of kids, pushing Gabriel in the stroller and offering him a bottle when he needed it. They were hot & sweaty, too, but had a great time walking the trail and checking out the river flowing by. I am SO grateful to them for understanding my need to get a long run in.

I'm tired-er and way sweatier than I look.

Here's a few photos of the (hot) fun the rest of the gang had while I was sweatin' it up on the trail.

Abby, age 12.

Gabe, snackin'.

Aunt Heidi and Elliott

The only shot of Uncle Jay.

Jonny, age 8.

Maddy (the actress), age 10

Tommy, shootin' down the walls of heartache.
Stay tuned for Tuesday evening when I'll be running with my sister's cross country team for one of the weekly "fun runs"!


  1. When it's cooler out, it is even funner! (Yes, I said "funner" and yes, it's 13 minutes way!)

  2. You look great! and the baby is Adorable. Happy Running.
    PS...I am in PA next week at my mom's and already dreading the heat.