Sunday, July 15, 2012

Obnoxious 1/4 birthday photo series

Yesterday Gabriel was exactly 3 months old.... Or one-quarter of a year old. We "celebrated" by  traveling for 652 hours from our home to my sister Heidi's just outside of Philadelphia. It was PAINFUL but thankfully not because of anything my kids did. It's just a long way on top of crazy amounts of traffic through the New York metropolitan area and along the New Jersey Turnpike. We left just after 5AM and arrived at about 3:20PM. Just so not fun.

BUT, we are here now and having a great time. The main reason for our visit is so T and E can participate in a week-long theater camp. Their cousin, Maddy, did the camp last year and loved it. This short and sweet camp is taking the place of the close-to-home 5-week theater camp Tommy did the last 2 years. We found that, though we loved it, it was simply too much of time commitment for our family during the summer. Had we done that option, we wouldn't have been able to go to Camp Gungah or to Cape Cod. And what a great excuse to spend MORE time with cousins and Aunts and Uncles this summer!

Because Heidi is a much better Aunt than I am Mother, she took a metric boatload of pictures of Gabriel last night. Here, in honor of his .25 years, are some of the highlights. (Confession/ acknowledgment: he's 99% adorable but sometimes, he's just plain GOOFY lookin'. I know this so it's okay for you to say it out loud, too.)

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