Wednesday, July 18, 2012

According to Heidi....

Phoebe has allowed me, her "biggest" and slightly older sister, to guest blog.  Very exciting stuff... for me, anyway.
Heidi with 2 of her 3 after tonight's 5K... which I skipped in order to save Gabriel from the heat.

Phoebe and her boys have been with us this week as Tommy and Elliott attend a local theater camp with my daughter Maddy.  It has been INCREDIBLE!  We have been busy.  So busy, in fact, that we literally needed to write down a list of our commitments for each day.  (I am a sucker for a good list and was thrilled when Phoebe suggested the list to ME.)  At certain times we have managed to be in three places at once.  (We are good!)

All of my kids are older than all of her kids so this has been a great blending of ages.  Mine have enjoyed catering to the younger set and hers have been exposed to some chemicals and food groups that may require a few weeks of detox when they return to NH.  We've introduced Rita's Water Ice and had the requisite brownies and ice cream...several times.  In turn we have three brand new memberships to Club Penguin and are reluctant to admit we like NinjaGo.

We have commiserated over our challenging parental moments and have tested two bottles of Skinny Girl Pina Coladas.  (We'd give it an 8.  It had a good beat and you could dance to it.)  Most of all, I have marveled at Phoebe's sense of calm.  She clearly keeps her emotions in check with her kids and this has rubbed off on me as I have yelled at my kids a lot less this week.  (Granted, we all know our kids behave a lot better when other kids are in the mix.)    "Patience is a virtue" and Phoebe is virtuous.

But let's get to the heart of the matter:  Phoebe's boobs.  Phoebe has done everything humanly possible to increase her milk production.  She has gone to lengths most of you reading this would never dream.  (Giving up milk chocolate?!?  It's practically un-American!)  She sees this decreased production as a direct reflection on her commitment to Gabriel.  As a biologist, I look at this physiologically.  You know, cascading hormones and such.  If I were a diabetic, Phoebe would be sure I took insulin.  If I were a hemophiliac (OK, less likely being an X-linked trait, but work with me), Phoebe would be the first to inject my clotting factor.  If I had a heart attack, she'd shove that baby aspirin under my tongue in a flash!  Well, that's what I hope I am encouraging in return for her this week.  It's OK to supplement with formula if your body chemically isn't supporting an adequate volume of milk. 

Phoebe has amazed me with her dedication to her restricted diet, nursing schedule, and prescribed supplements.  She has also gracefully accepted my constant offer to give Gabriel a bottle of formula so I could have plenty of special "Aunt Heidi time".   He is an amazing little man - as are Tommy and Elliott!  They are loved.  They are cherished.  They have a very humble mother.

So, Tommy, Elliott, and Gabriel, in the words of Monica on Friends:

"I will always have gum!"

So come again!

Aunt Heidi


  1. What an awesome older sister! Enjoy the rest of your crazy, wonderful week together!

  2. Way to get me all choked up at work. Come on, people, give me a break!

    In all seriousness, Phoebe, don't torture yourself over this. In a few years you will wonder why you were so hard on yourself. I know whereof I speak. Fill his belly, love him, and love yourself. That is totally enough.

  3. I totally agree with the above comment!!!! I also had production issues and when I went back to work after 6 weeks could only produce 1oz when i pumped! So really there was no choice in the matter. You do what you have to do to keep the little guy happy and healthy.