Friday, March 16, 2012


Life is Good.

It's my birthday today. I feel obligated to write something profound and universe-altering. I feel up to writing very little.... Partly because I'm but mostly because my computer is on life support. It only starts up once in a while and then it runs so slowly I might as well call each of you individually to share my thoughts for the day.

Nevertheless, birthdays need marking. So here's  my mark.

Most importantly (and most sweetly!) I had an amazing surprise birthday party/baby shower last Saturday thrown by my husband. I have no earthly clue how he managed it, as he is busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. But. He did it. A great gathering of friends from various areas of my life. Yummy food. Wonderful gifts: mostly chocolate for me and mostly adorable things for Baby TOP. I was definitely feeling the love.

He was able to distract me for the day and get things set up on Saturday because my parents surprised me by showing up on Friday afternoon. They live 8-hours away and my mom was dealing with some touchy medical tests all week (things turned out fine, but it was not a great week for our stress levels!) so having them knock on my door at about 4:45PM was just plain shocking. I literally laid down on the floor, I was so blown away.

So all day Saturday, the boys and I were out and about with Gungah & Papa. Shopping, eating, shopping, eating.... It was EXHAUSTING. Meanwhile Scott was (supposedly!) working on sets for his show. The little liar! When we returned from the shopping/eating excursion, I was a pile of exhaustion. I declared that we should get take out and eat it in my parents' hotel room. I didn't want to look at anybody. I didn't want to talk to anybody. I didn't want to move and inch. party.

Seriously... all I was up for.
Ask me to move and I will CUT YOU!

And then..
Giessler showed up and INSISTED that we go out. Man, was I P-O'd! How could he treat me that way?? I am 6,000 months pregnant, I'd been running around all day, and all I wanted was to sit on my butt and be grouchy. But he was uncharacteristically pushy about it and so I growled and began the future-private-argument I would have with him in my head as we went out the door. "You insensitive, selfish, sonofa...."

Thirty seconds later we walked into the party and I forgave him, of course!

"Oh. Good God. I look horrible!"

Megan and Baby Sydney, Baby TOP's future prom date! (Our friends Tom & Beth brought fake mustaches. Of course!...?)

 And not one good shot of my amazing parents or the man who made it all happen! Oh, well. Thanks, Mom & Dad for making the LOOONG journey and thanks Scott Giessler, for a great surprise!

P.S. I have a birthday tradition of ALWAYS taking a run... I think I've missed it 3 times since I was 13. This is one of those years. Watch out next year, baby!

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  1. happy happy birthday!!!
    I love that last picture..
    enjoy your day