Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tackle Baseball

I was not aware that we had mastered the science of time travel. Well, "mastered" is not the right word, as I don't think the person driving the bus between July and February weather has much control of things! We are f-f-f-freeezing this week, even though the snow and cold are not atypical for late March. Last week, I was wearing shorts and tank tops and flip flops. I actually found myself saying, "It's toooo hot!" which is basically a sin given our latitude on the globe and the date on the calendar.

But, the boys and Scott took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and had spent great evenings in the yard. We are pre-bug and humidity season so it really was a sweet spot. Here's a clip of one of their latest iterations of fun. Chunky Mama is not up for all the frolicking, but capturing it on video I can handle.

As  you can see, the rules are exceptionally complex.

1. Hit the ball.
2. Run around.
3. Have your brother grab onto Dad so as to prevent him from getting you out.

It's a win-lose every time, in that the kids always win and Dad always loses. So, everybody's happy.

Hope your Spring is delightfully unpredictable!

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  1. I'm still chuckling at the family fun time and the mini "Hope chortle" I heard on the tape!!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! It made my coffee time perfect!!