Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Train Like a Mother

I've been waiting for a long time. It seems like last summer, when the reality of what was happening truly set in, was eons ago. At times I was almost certain the day was never going to arrive. Hundreds of others shared my anticipation and we discussed it endlessly on Facebook and blogs. I wondered if they really knew how excited and anxious I was for the big day. Could ANYONE be as pins & needles about it as I was? And while I had a general sense of when it would happen, experience taught me you can never be sure when a little bundle like this will arrive.

At last, yesterday at about 11:15AM... the moment came! Delivery, though later than I had hoped, was a snap. Weighing in at just over 3 pounds and a lively bright orange, three copies of Train Like a Mother are now healthy and happy and HOME with this giddy Mother Runner.

(Did I fool you at all with my malarkey alluding to birthing a baby? I figured not.... but it sure amused me!)

You may already know that I am a psychotic really big fan of the ladies of Another Mother Runner. I stumbled across the first book written by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell Davis (Run Like a Mother) after it was featured in Runner's World magazine a couple of years ago. I bought it for myself as a Mother's Day present. I discovered their  blog and their Facebook page and I was hooked. Lucky for me, those nice ladies are not only tolerant of, but somewhat amused by, my take on running and motherhood. So, we developed an email friendship. I was lucky enough to make it down to Cape Cod for a reading of the first book that summer where I met and ran and giggled and drank wine with Sarah. Since then we haven't been able to get to the same place at the same time, which is a big fat bummer, but technology has allowed us to remain in touch. (In fact, Sarah will be running the Boston Marathon on April 16th. A PERFECT opportunity for me to hook up with her. Alas, I will be a teeny bit busy with a new born and she will be a teeny bit busy spreading the RLAM and TLAM love. Oh, and running the actual race, of course!) 

Both of their books feature essays they have written about running and parenting (and wife-ing and work-ing and many other -ings). They also have a gajillion anecdotes and thoughts from Other Mother Runners who responded to their surveys. I was more than happy to share my nonsense with them and, indeed, some of nonsense made it in the book! (I haven't sat down to read the whole thing yet, but when I flipped open the book, I literally landed on a quote from... ME! Gotta dig that, huh??)

SBS and Dim... They like me! They really like me!!
Anyway, no arrival of such significance would be complete without photo documentation from a very talented (read: annoyed that he's taking dumb pics of Mom and not playing with his Legos) 5-year-old. 

Still wrapped up... anticipation is at epic heights.

Getting those babies out required a sharp blade and plenty of brute force. I hope my upcoming delivery of Baby TOP is not so violent!
That's the equivalent to 10cm dilated and fully effaced. "One more big push!"

Happy, healthy, Bouncing Baby Books! (One for me, one for Mom of Max & Sydney - Megan, and one to pass around amongst other Mother Runners.)

"Fascinating insight."

Guess who's quoted a couple of times? AND in the acknowledgements? A first for this girl!

I'm so inspired! Totally ready to get training.... Okay. Maybe in a couple of weeks.... Are you scared yet? Dig that stretch mark on my belly?
So.... Get thee to a bookstore or to and buy this book! Get thee to Another Mother Runner and be part of the online party. Get thee to Facebook and "like" Run Like a Mother: The Book.

Also... if you happen to bump into Baby TOP, please tell him to get thee OUT of  my belly. I'm ready. Really really ready!


  1. Love this post almost as much as I love you, dear Phoebe. Thank you for mixing your signature goofy humor in this post otherwise tears welling up in my eyes might be overflowing.

    Alas, this makes me sad to think we won't be sharing Boston Marathon together. Sigh. Sniff, sniff.


    1. Thanks for adding validity to my claim! See you in September!!

  2. Love your stuff. Always makes me laugh. And of course your INSANE comments yesterday about adorable meetings (ok, you didn't exactly call them adorable, but you were using adjectives related to meeting tasks that have just never been used that way before! And ok, call me gullible, I saw your tag line on Facebook and immediately thought (2.5 weeks early, wow, bet Pheebs is happy). So you snonkered me. BTW, was that LOVELY meeting for Search Committee?