Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold: Wolfeboro, NH

So. I'm a liar. I said I was not going to blog tonight (Tuesday). I'm pooped. BUT, I wanted to get a letter to the editor off to the local papers in hopes that it might be in Thursday's edition. So, yes. I'm a liar, because I said I wasn't going to blog tonight... but MOSTLY, I'm LAZY... because I'm basically just pasting my letter to the editor here and counting it as my post about the Sherry Arnold run. (I'll include a link at the bottom so you won't have to email me to get more information...) 

Again, sorry for the lying and the laziness... but I'll fool ya because I won't schedule this to post until Wednesday morning. Ha!

To The Editor:

On the morning of Saturday, January 7, 43-year-old Montana resident Sherry Arnold went out for a run and never returned. This small town mother, runner, and teacher was abducted and killed. Her body has not been located. 

As a small town mother, runner, and (former) teacher myself, I couldn’t help but think: “That could have been me… I have to do something!” Activity on social media sites has proven what I already suspected: my feelings are shared by thousands around the country and around the world.

To that end, Sherry’s cousin, Beth Risdon, of Denver, Colorado, has organized a “Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold”. On Saturday, February 11, worldwide group runs are being organized. Events are in the works from  Sherry’s hometown of Sidney, MT to Sidney, Australia and everywhere in between.  As Beth wrote on her blog, Out of something tragic and horrific has come this powerful force of goodness and positive energy. We will make the earth move a bit on February 11 as we lace up our shoes and GO for Sherry.”

Locally, a group of runners and walkers will meet at 10AM in the parking lot of the Kingswood Arts Center, don our "race" bibs (available online) and spend an hour celebrating Sherry’s courage, strength and grace. (I will provide suggested routes but this is NOT a road race so there will be no official "support" for participants.) At 11AM we will regroup in the parking lot and relocate to a local establishment (TBD) for lunch, drinks and additional fun.

I hope many local runners and walkers will join us. Athletic prowess is not mandatory; good humor and heart is! For more information on this or any of the Sherry Arnold runs, or, for web links to donate to the fund for Sherry’s children, please contact me at

Even if we usually run by ourselves, this is a great opportunity to know that we never run “alone”.

Phoebe VanScoy-Giessler
Mirror Lake

This is Beth, holding a few race bibs made for the event(s) on February 11th.
Here's a link to Beth Risdon's blog... it will get you to the donation page and to lots more information about Group Runs around the globe:


  1. What a great idea, sending a letter to the editor about this. Thank you for continuing to spread the word and to make this a priority!! You're the best!

  2. I proud of you! Made my donation this morning. Thanks for the reminder. Love ya!