Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Turn Off the TV Week = Turn Off the Blog Week?

Small confession: a good deal of my blogging gets done during the day while the daycare kids take naps. Elliott, meanwhile, gets to have some PBS Kids time. Yes, yes, I plug him in so I can do my thing on the blog. Judge if you must, but I am comfortable with it.

At the beginning of the school year, we declared the first week of each month Turn Off the TV Week at our house. This means no wii or iPad or other "plugged in" media, too. In order to make it  more palatable for the boys, I spend an inordinate amount of time playing board games, making craft projects from recycled materials, baking, etc. Yes, they CAN amuse themselves... but I find there is less blood drawn if I am part of the action!

So, though my head is spinning with thoughts that are blog-worthy, I simply haven't had time during the day or energy at night to get them loaded up for your pleasure/my amusement.

Anyway, these activities do have the side benefit of providing Cute Photo Ops. Here are Baby E and Elliott as we played "Head Banz" this afternoon.... Have I mentioned what a GOOD BABY he is??!!

We gave him lots of hints but the Baby kept insisting he was "DA! DA!" and never guessed that he was a cow....

And when Tommy got home from school he decided he needed to create Tommy Town which features everything you need in a metro-area: Big Building, Pet Store, City Hall, Car Shop, Aquarium, and a Blimp.

Mayor of Tommy Town
I owe a Running While Pregnant post.
I owe a post about the Sherry Arnold run I am organizing.
I owe a post to Baby TOP.
I owe a post about Further A(ngry)dventures of a Quirky Kid.

But... not tonight.

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