Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am Idiot, And So Can You (Part 3)

SOOO many idiotic things I've "achieved" in the last week or so, but here's the one I can crank out the quickest.

Took the boys to a bookstore and out to dinner last night. A "wacky" Wednesday adventure for us, but I was feeling like a caged animal and couldn't face Day 3 of Turn Off the TV Week (February Edition) stuck at the house. The usual highs and lows of outings with my kids but ending on a high note: ice cream for all!

It was a very late, 45 minute ride home... 7:30. For us, that's bedtime and LATE! But I needed to get gas so I pulled into the gas station and searched my wallet for my credit card. The same credit card with which I paid for dinner.

Couldn't find it.
Started pulling things out of my purse.
Lots of things.
Couldn't find it.
Figured I left it at the restaurant.
Had no idea how to call the restaurant.
Called Scott and had him look up the number and call the restaurant.
I continued looking.
Scott called back: No card at the restaurant. No card in my wallet or purse.
 We are on about the 12th or 15th minute of the search.
Boys on joyful sugar high are rapidly crashing into grouchy and tired and "MOOOOMMMM, why can't you fiiiind it??" They are, of course, right and I am thinking the same thing.Gaaah!

And then... out of my check book, far from any of the places it ought to have been tucked, fell my credit card.

I can't figure out, with my outstanding organizational system, how these things always happen to me. Seriously. Like 2 or 3 times a month. Because, I Am Idiot.

This seems normal, right?

How could I lose track of anything with this phenomenal organizational system?


  1. Been there ... done that! If men had pocketbooks the same thing would happen to them.