Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Totally on Purpose

Dear Baby TOP,

Today is January 17, 2012. You are 28 weeks cooked. We shall meet in about 12 more weeks. It is SO cool to know that we are more than 2/3rds through this thing!

I've been quiet on my blog and in talking to you lately. I have no good reasons. Many things and possible blog posts have been on my mind (among them a fall half marathon, Sherry Arnold, Martin Luther King's impact on my family, how "Super Why" on PBS makes kids think every problem is a "super big problem" - which is sort of a super big problem...) but I haven't felt compelled to post. Maybe I'll get to them. Some of them are far too upsetting to ponder right now. Some of them are too silly. And some of them seem like a Dream... and no, I don't mean the MLK one.

I think the blog drought compares to my ruuning. In running (and exercise generally), the more I run... the more I run. The same is true for my blog: the more I blog... the more I blog.

When it comes to writing to you specifically, Baby TOP, I guess there's just not a ton to report so I keep quiet. But, some day it may seem like a tragedy that I didn't document more, so here are some thing:
  • Dad says you're going to be a linebacker. He's very careful not to tell me that I am big (smart man)... but he thinks my  belly (and therefore YOU) are big. I don't know if I'm bigger than I was with your brothers, but....
  • There are definitely challenges at this point with my expanding middle. I wanted to try out my new snow shoes on Saturday and it was quite a feat to reach the straps. Did you know that I can't just swing you around to a hip or my back when you are in the way? You are just RIGHT THERE and sometimes the stuff I need is between us. Oh, well. A little big is better than too small, I suppose.
  • Oddly enough, though, I saw a crew member from "A Christmas Story" on Friday night and even though he saw me up through the middle of December, he didn't realize I was pregnant till last week. Oooookay. I think it's been hard to miss since about November 1st, but whatever!
  • I am really noticing an impact on what my lungs can do... and can't do. Yesterday I was on the phone with Gungah while I was making the bed. It was the equivalent lung effort to a slow jog in my non-pregnant life. I know part of it is just a lowering of my stamina based on a rapid decrease in my cardio fitness, but not a small part of it seems to be a result of you encroaching on my lungs. It's still amusing to me how much my body can't do based on newly gained mass and volume. But, talk to me in March and I'm thinking "amusing" will not be the word I use to describe it!
  • Thursday is my first glocuse test to see if I have gestational diabetes. Good times. 
  • Finally, your Future Friend Max will be welcoming his new brother (Eli) or sister (Sydney) tomorrow! Miss Megan is having a c-section in the morning and I can't wait to meet the baby! I don't know what kind of arrangement you have with communicating with fellow-fetuses (feti?) but if you're in touch with that baby, please tell him or her to behave and be well!
I may be a bit mum about it, but I love you like crazy cakes, Baby TOP. See you in 3 months!


Sherry Arnold. Mom. Teacher. Runner.  May you never know the pain her family is facing.

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