Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running While Pregnant: Week 27

For the second week in a row, I can use the word "running" in this post title without irony, a wink, or quotation marks. Granted, I only managed 1 workout that fit the definition, but I'll take it. Here's what I did in attempt to maintain a sliver of fitness and sanity:

Tuesday: 30 minutes "running" in the therapy pool.
That's totally me. Okay. Not really.

Wednesday: 30 minutes "running in the therapy pool.

Thursday: Jack Squat exercises. (In other words: rest/lazy day).

Friday: (Here's where I get legit...) My back pain, while still present at times, had been light the last couple of days. So, inspired by my great outing on New Year's Day, I got my carcass out of bed at 5 and headed to the track for a walk/jog/walk session. I spent about 40 minutes. I'm guessing I went about 3 miles, but I don't really know. It was dark and about 25 degrees. There was no wind and about 10 minutes in, a light snow started to fall. I listened to podcasts of The Moth (you GOTTA check this show out!) and generally found my happy place. It was PERFECT!

Saturday: We spent Saturday at this "schmancy" Sheraton (love that my boys think that's an actual word!) in Portsmouth. Our friend was having a surprise 40th birthday party and we long ago decided to stay overnight and bring the boys along with a babysitter and turn it into a mini vacation. (Mostly because there was a pool and this is January and, well, fun!!) So, the boys, their awesome babysitter and I got some "swimming in". I spent about 30 minutes "riding" and "running" on a noodle. I showed Tommy how to do it, too, so we raced all over the pool. Super fun, even though the pool wasn't the glorious 92 degrees that I enjoy in the therapy pool.

Sunday: Scott slept it off while the boys, babysitter and I spent another 40 minutes or so in the pool.

Monday: Jack Squat revisited.

Tuesday: My PLAN was to arrive at the therapy pool at 5:30AM, walk/run in town until it opened (6AM) and then spend 30 minutes in the pool. However... a couple of factors changed my tune. First and foremost, Monday  night my back began doing some odd things. It felt as though lightning bolts were going up my spine. My legs were involuntarily jolting whenever this happened. It was not too fun for me or my husband who got to enjoyed my "aaaggghs!" and kicks for a good deal of the night.

Secondly, I am having a hard time letting go of this story about a running mama/teacher who has gone missing in Montana. Normally news stories like this elicit a good deal of sympathy and concern from me but they don't get inside my head in a "that coulda been ME!" kind of way. Somehow - maybe it's a pregnancy thing - I keep imagining my own family dealing with something like this and it freaks me out. I haven't for a second thought about what might happen to ME if I was harmed while out on a run.... but thinking of how Scott, the boys and the rest of my family would handle it totally knocks me out.

So, given the pain and the bad place my head was in, I decided to skip the land workout and simply do the pool.

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