Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Things Friday: Glocuse test essentials

1. Two adorable small boys. Preferably 8.5 months and 3 years. Preferably not your own (they are better at following directions!) These fellas will get lots of compliments on their charm and, although you have next-to-nothing to do with it, you get to feel like you're a Super Star toting these well-behaved flirts around the doctor's office.



2. Toys. The doctor's office has some, sure, but bringing some favorites to chew on is just good planning.

3. Hydration for all. Potassium for two. I find it sort of hilarious how many things can be cured by hydration and a banana. But maybe that's another post.....

4.Bribery. Even very, supremely, amazingly well behaved 3-year-olds need to know there's something good coming to them if them behave at a LOOOONGGGG doctor's appointment. Donut for him. Hot chocolate for me. (I bribed me, too. Don't judge).

5. And that which is last is actually first. I downed this deeeelicious cocktail as we headed down the road for the appointment. It's just bad. Not Nyquil bad. But considering you have to drink a good 12 ounces of the stuff.... it's bad. 

I'll learn my results of the glucose test tomorrow and I fully expect I will "qualify" for the follow-up test. With my first two pregnancies I worried and worried about this. I don't know if it's wisdom, maturity, denial, or what, but I'm just not thinking about how life will change if I indeed get diagnosed with gestational diabetes. 

Finally, I put on ANOTHER 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Still no stink eye from my midwife, but it seems totally nuts to me. And, my fundel measurement was 29cm... just 1cm bigger than I "should" be.

Taking these kids to my midwife appointments has be SOOO much less stressful than I anticipated. They are fantastic and provide plenty of fodder for conversation with other patients. I know they are thinking "What is wrong with that woman? She's got a toddler, a BABY, and she's clearly on her way to ANOTHER baby pretty soon!!" When I tell them the kids with me are just "rentals" they don't actually give a sigh of relief, but I know it takes some effort for them to control it.

Happy Friday, everyone. And if you need to some helpers at your next medical appointment, I bet I can hook you up with  my two little buddies.

P.S. Three-year-old reported to his mother (very clearly and sincerely) that the Doctor had to put a pineapple in me at the appointment. She sent me a text to find out what he could possibly have meant. I have no clue but, WOW, that would be quite an appointment. (Like... was that scratchy skin still on the pineapple? Were the leaves included???)

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