Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome, Sydney!

My Facebook post last night:
Got to hold a newborn today. Nothin' special... just perfection wrapped up like a burrito.

Which has me thinking.
I gotta be this right now....
Honestly! How enormous will that belly be in 11.5 weeks?? Do they make gut crutches?

In order to score one of these!
Sydney "Burrito" Rhianne. Born to my dear friend, Megan, January 18, 8:41AM.  7 lb 4oz, 20in

I got to visit Sydney when she was just 10 hours old. I went back for more two days later and got in some squeezes and girl talk. And don't feel bad, but she told me she likes me the best. Well, after Mom, of course. And Dad. And brother Max. And... well, she really really likes me. To be honest, she'd like you, too. She's just really pleasant that way.

So proud of Mama Megan who had a c-section and was looking fantastic and ready to rock! That genius baby took right to nursing and pooping and sleeping so I suppose that helps somewhat. I can only hope I am as full of energy and joy in the hours and days after Baby TOP arrives. Thanks for being inspiring, Meg!

Meg is also planning to join me at the ZOOMA women's 10K and half marathon on Cape Cod in September. Can't wait to watch her get re-booted on her running and to join in myself when Spring (and Baby TOP) have Sprung!

P.S. Don't worry. No one is really going to call that poor baby Burrito. Except me, of course.


  1. What a sweet little burrito! Isn't it cool what our bodies can go through to get one of those. I loved/hated being pregnant but in the end mostly enjoyed and was amazed by it.

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