Saturday, November 12, 2011

World's Shortest Race Report

Wolfeboro Oil Gift of Warmth 5K.

Hometown race. Good cause.

Was happy to run another race, if a little unsure what this burgeoning belly would allow me to do.

Showed up for registration at 9AM for the 10:30 race.

No one "road runner looking" was there.

I was puzzled.

Scott found a wireless connection and checked his laptop.

The race is NEXT Saturday.

Big. Fat. Dope slap.

Ran about 30 minutes anyway and felt sluggish and tired.

Stupidity can really weigh a girl down.

Just imagine I am the man in red, the sign says "Race is NEXT SATURDAY", and my husband and kids are in the car...


  1. If if makes you feel any better I just went to my cousins house for a party only to find out it is tomorrow! OOoops!

  2. Almost made the same mistake the last minute checked the race date and happened to notice today's date.:-0 Saved myself $10.00 worth of gas! So glad I caught it...