Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue or pink?

We are just hours away from the ultrasound that will, presumably, tell us the gender of our third (and FINAL-FINAL!) child. I'm not nearly as keyed up about this as I would have thought. Maybe that's because I don't have strong feelings about the XX v. XY outcome.

With Elliott, quite honestly, I SO wanted a girl and it was tough after the ultrasound. First I felt let down that he was a not a girl and THEN I felt like a complete schmuck for feeling let down! Honestly, given all of the people I know who want to have a baby and can't have one and all the people whose babies have much larger disabilities than a silly Y-chromosome... well, I  knew I was being ridiculous. I just really, really thought he was going to be a daughter. Having him, of course, helped me realize that you get the kiddo you need. Boy, do I need Elliott and his squeezable lovey-ness!

Scott's theory is that this little bugger is going to get him/herself into a position in which it's impossible to tell what flavor we're getting. This would be, I admit, a pretty big bummer... especially since we're taking the boys out of school for the big reveal. I don't think they would be too happy if we can't find out. We did warn them that it's a possibility and Elliott had a "chat" with the baby this morning asking that s/he get in a good position for us.

Oh, and Tommy asked the best question yesterday. "So, if it's a girl will there be a picture of a girl and if it's a boy will there be a picture of a boy?" I'm not sure what kind of picture he's thinking of but I like to imagine the kind you see on restroom doors that clearly indicate. (With thanks to Megan for helping add to the imagery on that one!)
Whatever the gender, I hope the kid doesn't inherit MY bladder!

Anyway, I said, "Ummm, no. What's the only way you really know if someone is a boy or a girl?"
He looked down at his crotch and then, eyes wide, back up at me.
"Yup. They have to look at the baby's privates."
 Well, that did it. Up until now he had decidedly been on Team Sister but he's rethought things: "Well, it better be a boy because I am NOT looking at a girl's private parts!"

Stay tuned. Obviously there will be a short but informative post later on!

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  1. Aww that is a cute story! I loved finding out what I was having both times. i just felt more connected to the baby once I knew. With my first one I wanted a girl so bad, of course it was a boy. The second time around I really wanted another boy and I got a girl. So happy I got one of both.