Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Things Friday

1, Some of my favorite people are Veterans.... I'll never fully appreciate what they and their families have given. Many, many thanks to them. Here's hoping our society makes an effort to offer them the opportunities and services they need.

My BIG brother, Bill (right) served in the Persian Gulf War as well as the  more recent Iraq War. He retired from the Army about a year ago and lives in N.C. with his wife and two kids. (On the left is my cousin, James, who served in the Marines. Would YOU mess with these fellas? Both very sweet, actually....)

My "little" brother, Kwasi, and his wife, Rachel. He served in Iraq and is now home going to school and crossing his fingers that employment will follow soon. They live near my hometown with their 4-year-old son. I like to think that was Kwas's Battle Face.
2. Saint Giessler never said a word about yesterday's Blog post. Do you think he read it and didn't like it or failed to read it? I posted it on his Facebook page. Le siggghhhh... UPDATE: He read it. He said thanks. Wound licking ceased.

3. Spending today with my friend Megan for a pre-30 celebration. (She's going to be 30, not me. I won't be 30 for YEARS! Cough cough.) I don't remember the last time I had a totally selfish day like this. More than a little excited!

4. Before my selfish day starts, we are heading to the bank to get the refinancing of our mortgage under way. Crossing fingers that the value of our house hasn't really dropped as much as the town assessor says. If it works out, we will save a few hundred bucks a month. A huge help with Baby TOP on its way!

5. Name that Candidate:

"So, I have 5 things Friday. One was Veterans Day. Another was about Giessler. Umm ummmm ummmm. And there was one about my friends birthday and the refinancing of my house. Awww, jeeze... Um, the fifth one..."

"The EPA?"

"Sure, yes. The EPA. (Boy, I stepped in it)...."

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  1. I'm glad you clarified that your brother was the one on the right! "Giggle!" I'm totally qualified to make that comment, right?