Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my husband.

I am thankful that from the get go we were, as my Father-in-Law said, Dorks in the Same Way. Well, not really the same way. I was an NPR/Broadway dork and he was a sci-fi/video production dork. But our separate Dorknesses combined swiftly to form a Dork-otomy that works brilliantly.
Dorks at Sea.

Leading up to our wedding I didn't have any of those Romantic Comedy Moments when I  thought "Good God, I'm making a huge mistake!" Shortly before the wedding my mom said, "I would have picked him for you myself," which I took as a huge endorsement for our marriage. I know you can't predict the success of a marriage by the fun had by the bride & groom at the wedding, but in our case I think our wedding - which was just.freaking.awesome. - was absolutely a foreshadowing of how our marriage would be.

Since my career change, in this small town I'm very much more "Scott's wife" than he is "Phoebe's husband" and I'm really okay with that. This is one of the side effects of being married to the guy who teaches very popular classes and runs a very successful theater program. Who wouldn't want to be the lady chosen by the guy who is revered for being hard working, creative, kind, funny, talented and patient?

I admit, there are times when it can be exhausting being married to a Saint. Right now he is 8 days out from opening night for Grease. While he has a lot of support from students and adults, each year he sets a new bar for himself and the productions so the work he does never lets up. But, regardless of the dark mornings when he leaves for work and the dark nights when he returns - hopefully in time to kiss the boys goodnight - we know that when it comes down to it, we come first and we always will.

We're his favorite.