Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Totally On Purpose

Dear Baby TOP,

Today is Wednesday, November 9.

You are dipping and flipping and turning around and beginning last week I could feel all of that. Way cool. Especially since at this point all this motion isn't enough to keep me up at night and you are far too small to master the art of kicking me in the ribs.

I had an appointment with Mary, the midwife, on Monday. Your heartbeat was loud and clear and sounded, according to Elliott, like a galloping horse. I've gained some weight... though she didn't tell me exactly how much. I think about 7 pounds but I don't know for sure. My blood pressure is good.... A little boring, I guess, but that's what we like!

So, yes, Elliott was with me. And so was your future buddy, Reid (age 2). AND... so was your future buddy, Ethan (age 6 months). Let me tell ya, I was more than a little nervous about having the entire daycare parade in tow. (Well, we were missing Libby (age 2) so I guess it could have been even more crowded!). I called on Friday to request the biggest examining room they have because that's a lot of bodies, even if they are smallish.
Reid, last spring. I KNOW I have about a dozen pictures from this fall, but I can't find them!

The kids did really well, actually, despite all the odds against us. Reid had basically no nap and this 1:30PM appointment was smack in the  middle of his normally LOOONNNNG afternoon nap. We arrived early so that I could give Ethan his 1PM bottle, but he wanted nothing to do with it. He's also at the beginning of stranger anxiety so I was anxious about how he would handle all the nurses and doctors and other adoring on lookers.
Your future buddy, Ethan, as captured on film by Elliott.

In the end, Ethan took his bottle at the end of the appointment and refused to look at people he didn't know - which allowed him to not totally freak out. Reid was a little wired and had a tough time keeping his body under control at the end when I was feeding Ethan, but otherwise he was a Stellar Toddler. The promise of a "special treat" (donuts) for Reid & Elliott made good behavior the  best option for them.

The biggest news came yesterday when the office called to tell me my ultrasound appointment time and day. We will find out this Monday at 1PM whether you are a brother or a sister. Tommy is hoping for a sister and Elliott is hoping for a brother. I am hoping for the correct number of fingers and toes and organs and whatnot!

I am late late late for getting the boys reading for school. Thanks for being an awesome baby. If you can, give me a little extra oomph on Saturday morning for that 5K!

I love you!

P.S. The Controversial Genius Kathleen Hilll, another future friend of yours, has an appointment with her oncologist today. If you have any pull with these things, put in a good word, okay?

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