Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Totally On Purpose: Summer's End

The scare from my bleeding was basically over. The belly was not really present. School was just getting started. It's crazy how long ago this post seems....

Dear Baby TOP,

Today is September 6th. It's Tommy & Elliott's first day of school. All is well with them as far as I know. I look forward to hearing about their days. You can read about what a disaster I am as far as emotional parenting goes here.

Things with you are going well, too. I still get nauseous at least a couple of times a day, but it's not horrible. Daddy said he could sort of feel a little bump where you are when we hugged yesterday. Kind of funny to imagine you already making your mark.

I have an appointment with Mary, the Midwife, on Thursday so I may know a little more then. We'll probably schedule another ultrasound and do another blood test to see what my hormone levels are. I'm much less anxious about things now and feeling good about your progress. Keep up the good work in there!!

We went to Diana's Bath yesterday for a last hurrah before school started. We took pics and here's a couple of me reminding myself and Daddy that SHHHH, TOP is still a secret!

Not yet!

Don't tell!

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