Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Things Friday: To Do List

1. Tonight is opening night for Little Shop of Horrors at The Village Players. I'm a resident of Skid Row. I've chosen to be a fortune teller who calls herself Madame Cliche'. The directors (silly, silly directors!) are allowing the ensemble members to harass interact with the audience before the show and during intermission. I'm a little giddy about telling people their fortunes....

We have a performance on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Annnddd, next weekend we do it all again. (Also - spoiler alert! - my mom and dad are coming next weekend so I'm VERY excited about that!)
Seymour, Orin ('The Dentist') and Audrey.
The crew on Skid Row (I'm on the right; white top, dark skirt)
The Greek Chorus & Mr. Mushnik. (My dear friend, Megan, is in purple... and VERY pregnant!)
2. We have done nothing... NO-THING... NADA... ZIP... about the upcoming holiday. On paper you'd probably figure I am super into Halloween. All signs point to me loving this chocolate-based, made-for-theatrics, wack-a-doo-fest. But, honestly, I'm just not that into Halloween. I'd say I tolerate it, at best. I have no good reason for feeling this way. I just do.

Elliott wants to be the green Kratt Brother (Chris? Martin? I don't freakin' know...) from Wild Kratts and Tommy wants to be a werewolf. I think I have a general sense of how I'm going to make these costumes, but I am thinking this weekend the Think Method (extra points for Music Man aficionados) will have to evolve into the Do Method. C'mon, Mom! Don't be such a Hallow-Pooper.
Elliott insists that it should be made out of a paper bag, like his Buzz Lightyear costume from last year. Okay, dude.
I'm still too cheap to BUY the darn thing.... Mine won't look this good.

3. Along with the getting my Hallow-act together on the costume front, we also need to make our house look like kids live here. I mean, I run a daycare for the love of Pete. I ought to have SOME Halloween decorations up. I have some. Someplace. In the garage. I think. Oh, maybe I ought to buy some candy. Though we never get trick or treaters out here in the sticks. Huh. More for me.

4. One Halloween thing I actually AM looking forward to is getting the pumpkins. (Not carving them, mind you, I'm horrible at that...) I think we are going to visit Moulton Farms this weekend and do the whole Pumpkin Farm thing. I am hoping to score real doughnuts and apples off the tree and a corn maize and all that jazz. Here's hoping we can get there for a fun outing between all the never ending "hafta" do stuff this weekend. Gee, I guess it will have to be on Saturday, thinking what my Sunday is going to be....

5. Run. Don't know how far. Don't know when. Wish I could find another 5K nearby but they are all over an hour away... But I shall run. I shall. I shall. (A girl has to believe).


  1. So with you on the Halloween thing! We haven't even started to look for costumes yet and I have no pumpkins, no decorations etc...Sunday is our day:)

  2. ahhh..the joy of preparation for another holiday that is celebrated just because- with no real reason behind it. I look around my empty house, my one lonely halloween decoration sitting on the coffee table and I wonder- why did I stop? Then, I just have to listen- no little voices (only the ones in my head and they don't count) no pitter patter of little feet- I realize they have grown up and I have grown out of the fun of decorations. How sad is that? So, decorate away while you can....and enjoy it. I might have to come over to get my Halloween spirit with gobblins and wish for the days that are no more. See you tonight on "The ROW".