Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Totally On Purpose

When I first learned I was pregnant, I was, let's say, pretty surprised. I couldn't really tell anyone because, well, you just DON'T. Especially if you are in your late thirties and your other kids are already sentient beings and there was just NO PLAN in place for this type of adventure. So, I decided to start a new blog that I would post at a later date. The blog was called Totally On Purpose and it was going to document my pregnancy and all that that entails. But... I got to thinking. It took me over TWO YEARS to drag 58 followers to my "real" blog. So, I'm going to incorporate my Totally On Purpose posts (of which I already have 15 written) into this blog. Thus, forcing it on you and making me feel like I have some kind of audience. So, here's the first post. Note the date of it's writing...

I should hold a caption contest. Yup. Just found out!
Dear Baby TOP,

Today is Thursday, August 11, 2011. I'm not sure when I will post this to the world because, well, it's early yet. I'd like to hear your heartbeat first before I sing from the mountaintops that The Giesslers are having another baby. Holy Lord. The Giesslers are having another baby!!

I found out about you on Monday morning, August 8. It was quite a surprise. Oddly enough, I'm almost 100% sure we found out about Tommy on August 8th, too. Of course, that was 2003. And I was 8 years younger. I'm 37 now. I'll be 38 when you make your entrance into the world. Thirty-eight. Oh, my....

Anyway, I learned about you in the bathroom of my hotel room at La Quinta Inn in Rochester. (If you know who Mike "You Can't Force Me to Speak Spanish" Birbiglia is you're laughing right now...) I have to offer special thanks to the guy at Rite Aid next door who was TOTALLY chatty as I was attempting to quickly and quietly check out with my very important purchase. Even with a pregnancy test in my sweaty palm, I guess my face just screams "tell me about the rain storm you had at your house last night!"

Aunt Heather was across the hall and since I HAD to share the news with someone, she was the first to know. Aunt Heather laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed. She thinks it's wonderful (and hilarious) that you're on your way. I think it's kind of funny and VERY wonderful that you're on your way.

This blog is called Totally On Purpose because, well, you are kind of a surprise and I enjoy sarcasm. A good deal. Trust me - you'll learn to love it, too. So, my name for you right now is Baby TOP (Totally On Purpose). Don't get me wrong. You're a GREAT surprise I LOOOVVVEEEE babies and whenever I see one or hear someone is having one, I get immediate Mama-envy. But, honestly, I didn't see you coming. I already write a blog about the rest of my life (mostly about running, though) but I wanted to have a special place to talk to you and keep you up on the joy you're bringing and the trouble you're causing (oh, my, you'll cause trouble!)

Tune in to the next blog post to find out about DADDY'S reaction to the news!!


  1. Wonderful news! Congrats to you and your family. It will be amazing. I survived so far with my twins who turn 13 months today!

  2. Yay Phoebe! So excited for you guys!

  3. Congratulations! This is the second pregnancy announcement in my reader today! I hope it isn't catching LOL.

    Wishing you a great pregnancy.

  4. Oh my goodness!! This is awesome news. I LOVE totally on purpose for obvious reasons....

  5. Shame you weren't at the La Quinta Inn in Walla Walla, Washington!


  6. Oh Baby TOP, you couldn't have picked a better family to join or better parents if you had tried! Nice way to surprise the family...I'm guessing you're going to be the one to watch in the coming years and your Mama's sarcasm is going to be no match for you! One thing's for're going to be a much-heralded and much-loved little munchkin!