Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Things Friday: Talking Crazy

We are odd. My family, I mean. We do a lot of normal family stuff, I guess, but we definitely have our own twist on things, particularly the language we use. All families are like this, I suppose, but as I was listening to Elliott explain to one of my daycare kiddos one of our "traditions" I realized that we must seem like total whack jobs compared to most. Here's what cracks us up....

1. Whenever we are about to go some place - whether it's on an awesome vacation or just to get ice cream - we tell the kids, with phoney Game-Show-Host-Enthusiasm, "HEY, KIDS! GUESS WHERE WE'RE GOING?? THAT'S RIGHT! TO THE CRACKER FACTORY!! AAAANNNNND.... THE BROCCOLI PLANTATION!!!" I'm not sure when this tradition started - sometime before our Disney trip last February, I think - but now the kids get in on the act and pretend to be super excited about the crackers and the broccoli. Then, today, as we were talking about it, Elliott asked me, "Ummmm, Mom, what's a plantation anyway?" Oh, the gaps in our kids' understanding..... Ooops.

2. All kids come up with sweet little gems. You see them on Facebook all the time. I swear, though, that Elliott was born with the brain of a marketer or a script writer already fully formed. Earlier this week my heart literally almost exploded when he came running toward me, arms open, and declared, "Mom, every time I see you it's like a love alarm goes off inside me!" Since then when ever one of us needs a hug or snuggle time, we look at each other and just say "brrrrinnnngg brrrinnngggg!" and we both understand the love alarm is going off.

3. You know the game "Sorry!"? We borrowed it from the library last year and the kids really enjoyed it, despite the devastation of getting sent back to START when one is just at the brink of victory. As much stress as it has caused us, it really has helped the boys learn to deal with the ups and downs of games (and MAYBE of life). So, we bought it for them for Christmas. We play it every once in awhile. The "crazy talk" that goes along with it came when one or the other of the boys would get upset about a "losing" play they had to make/take. Scott, I think, came up with the phrase (again with the Game Show Host voice), "It's part of the fffuuuunnn!" So, now when we are playing any kind of game and someone has a bummer of a roll or a bad swing, etc., we all just say, "It's part of the fun!" It doesn't always make the person who's feeling bad feel better, but it kind of cracks the rest of us up, so what the heck??

4. This one doesn't come from my kids or husband, but it's a real gem. My eldest niece, Kate, is 19. When she was a toddler, she was adorable, talkative and, sometimes a but irrational. Her mom, Heather, was hosting a Mary Kay party one Saturday morning and they went out to get Dunkin Donuts for the crew. When I arrived, Kate was in an uproar. She had apparently misunderstood the donut situation. She was screaming "THEY'RE NOT FOR EVERYONE! THE DONUTS AREN'T FOR EVERYONE!!" Like, a million times. Over and over allllll morning. Poor thing. Now, whenever we have donuts or see donuts and anyone talks about donuts, you can count on a chorus of "they're not for everyone! The donuts aren't for everyone!!"

5. When Tommy was a baby, he liked it when I held him. Typical, I know. But by the time Scott got home from work in the evening, I was ready to hand him over and feel like human for a few minutes. Usually I would go to the computer and check my email. Tommy didn't really enjoy this and would frequently fuss and cry while I "ignored" him. Thus was born Scott's exaggerated calming cry/explanation: "SHEEE'S CHECKING HER EEEEMAAAAIIIILLL!" So, when babies cry, you'll frequently hear us offer this empty consultation

Anyone willing to fess up to Crazy Talk at your house?.

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  1. Sure! I'll throw in a couple that come to mind.
    1) Thom (3) was on a real Yo Gabba Gabba kick for a while. Its a cute show actually. I have a crush on DJ Lance and his total fakeness. Anyhoo, the characters were teaching kids about trying foods before saying YUCK. So they had this little song, "Try it! You'll LIKE IT!" So every time Thom gives me grief, i break out into really exaggerated song and dance (yes, i get up and dance wildly) singing that song! It's become so popular, in fact, that it is requested at bedtime or just about ANYTIME for sheer laughs and entertainment.

    2) The kids all know what "spiders" are. They are wiggling fingers and crawl up backs and up legs and then they ATTACK necks and bellies. "Spiders.. crawling.. up... your... legs..." all to the tune of the Jaws build-up music DUH-duh,DUH-duh... Get it?

    3) I've been on a kick lately of talking like a very stereotypical Count Dracula. Its totally reminiscent of what my mom did, and so that makes me smile. It goes something like this: "My name is Count DRAC-OO-LAHHH... and i'm going.. to suck... YUR BLUUUUHHHDDDD" and then i grab whoever and bury my mouth in the neck and cause great amts of screaming and giggling.

    4) This one's a stretch, but when it comes to disciplining and dealing with whining, i am ridiculously blunt and heartless. If whining comes my way, i say any combo or selection of "i can't hear you," "I don't understand you," "go away and come back talking normal." Said. Done. I move on. Sometimes it works, sometimes it creates bigger whiny meltdowns. But that's the way THIS mommy deals with it and sometimes its all about ME - GOT IT, KID?!?! ;-) (I love your blog.)