Monday, August 22, 2011

Marvy Mom Monday: Invitation Edition

Marvy Moms make us laugh. They inspire us. They keep us fed and teach us how to be in the world. They are a soft place to land, or a dope slap when that's the cure to our troubles. Marvy Moms are everywhere.

Beginning next week, I'd like to feature Marvy Moms that *you* have known. It can be your own Mom (obviously!) or another woman who's brought that "something" to your life.

If you're interesting in sharing a Marvy Mom with us, please email me at I'll want to know a little about her, your relationship, and what makes her so Marvy. A anecdote or two might be good. If you have a photo you can email, that would be outstanding, too.

Next Monday I will feature a Mama Blogger I've come to know and let me tell you, she is MARVY in a jillion ways.

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