Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Whose got two thumbs, a vacation on Cape Cod and NO CAMERA? This girl! Dope. Trust me: it's lovely!

2. We went to Water Wizz (I know, right??? Horrible name!) yesterday. It's a waterpark. Tommy had a BLAST. Didn't do any of the huge slides but was a total "kid" on the big pirate ship and wave pool. He started out a little unsure (didn't want to do the lazy river because it started out with a water fall you couldn't avoid going under) but was SO happy after that. Elliott had a good time, too, but was his more cautious self and needed plenty of "relaxing back at the beach chairs with Mom" time. Great weather and not insane crowds.

3. My in-laws were in line for lunch at the park yesterday and heard a girl behind them referring to me saying, "See that lady in the hat? She was one of my teachers." Completely random, hundreds of miles away from home, and one of my former students is there! She also happened to be one of Scott's theater kids when she got to high school. "It's a small world after all..."

4. Speaking of Scott, I mentioned the other day he's lost a lot of weight. Yesterday at the water park I was looking for him and didn't recognize him from a distance because he was so svelte! That's MAH Man!

5. Today is our last day on Cape Cod and then it's home to get serious about the fall and day care and normalcy. Boo hiss! Hope you're having a great Friday, too!

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