Friday, July 15, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Been thinking about the Harry Potter phenomenon. The final movie debuted at midnight last night. That's very cool, although I'll probably never see it. What's been on my mind are the several summers earlier in this century when kids were NUTS to get their hands on the BOOKS to find out what happened. The movies are great (what a relief that by and large the HP child actors have turned into reasonable, mentally stable adults!) but I sure hope another series of books comes along that will get my own kids that jazzed about a character, a place, a circumstance, etc. If you've never read the books and feel "eh" about them, may I recommend getting the audio version? I listened to book #7 the summer it came out and was completely and utterly riveted by it. Jim Dale, the actor who read them, is truly phenomenal.

2. Tommy lost his two top teeth this week. Totally cute, I think. Did you know the tooth fairy gives out one dollar for a tooth but if you lose another one in the same week you get TWO dollars? Pretty sweet. Hoping they don't come in before school pictures in September, but I'm afraid our timing was a little off.

3. I'm becoming quite a Wizard (Harry Potter on the brain) at figuring out how to fit in my runs this summer. Tomorrow I have to (get to?) work at the 50th annual summer fair for my church. I need to be there at 7AM to get set up. I also need to run 14 miles. A small problem. My solution? Spend the night at camp with the boys and Scott, get out the door at 5AM, run a (pre-mapped... LOVING MAP MY RUN) 14 route to church, change into (pre-set in the church bathroom) dry, non-stinky clothes, work the fair, Scott drop the kids off with me at 11:30 so they can "shop" and be done by noon. I'm thinking that there will be a big, fat nap on tap for my afternoon!

4. I remain a big fat Muggle about getting my house in order when I am here. Next week brings long awaited company almost EVERY day/night, so I am thinking the motivation (if not the magic wand) will present itself in the coming days. Hope so!

5. Still haven't picked a marathon for the fall. Still haven't decided what my priorities ought to be. (Running new races to experience new things? Pound out an old faithful to get that 3:40? Forget about roads and find a trail race? Forget about marathons and do relays or other distances???) Still just running and hoping the light bulb will come on over my head and I'll know exactly what I want to do about it. Had such a glorious 10-miler yesterday morning that my post-euphoria FB status update was something like: And God said, "Honor thy days of Rest and thy Strength Training days and Lo! I shall lift the heat and humidity and the running shall be good and ye shall rejoice in it!" I was sure I would have the answer when the run was done. Alas... still searching!

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  1. 1. I've been kind of "Eh" for most of the HP movies but the ones based on the last two books were excellent. I spent the last third of the latest movie in tears just as I did when reading the last book.

    You are right, the audiobooks are fantastic. I listen to my fair share of audiobooks and Jim Dale goes down as the best reader ever for bringing a story full of quirky magical characters to life solo.

    5. I'm all for trail races. It was the something new I needed with running (besides killing myself with speed) but you still probably run roads too in training.