Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Tough Grrrrllll!

Eighty degrees and oppressively humid. It was brutal out there today. Legs were like lead. Lungs ought to have been replaced with gills. But I did it. Mostly because some other dude at the track with a 26.2 sticker on his vehicle was doing 800 repeats, too. And he was at least in his 50s. I learned at the end that he was supposed to do 16 of them (SIXTEEN!!) but cut it to 8. I was supposed to do 6 and - because he was there surviving it - I managed to do all 8.

I did a warm up of 20 minutes pushing Elliott in the stroller down the Bridge Falls Path. After my first 800, though, Scott arrived and scooted Elliott off away from the heat and horribleness. Thank goodness for Daddy!

My splits:
1st 800 - 3:19 (This is just obnoxiously fast given the climate. I have no idea how I managed it.)
2nd - 3:31 (right on target)
3rd - 3:32 (okay, cool)
4th - 3:45 (enter lead legs)
5th - 3:46 (kill me now)
6th - 3:40 (well, a piece of dignity)

I was supposed to only take 1:30 recovery between each set but I tossed that right out the window. Had I kept that time I would have been doing over 4:00s and, probably, in the ER.

I did a 10 minute barefoot cool down on the in field which helped my legs get un-creaky. Thankfully the track had a pretty decent breeze and for the first 3 or 4 800s, the sprinklers were going so for a brief second I could catch a short shower.

I am so glad I did... and so glad it's over. I definitely felt character being built today!

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