Monday, July 18, 2011

Marvy Mom Monday: One Season of Marvy

When I try to get a grip on all the generous, thoughtful things my mom has done for people over the course of my 37 years of knowing her, it sort of gives me a brain cramp. So, let me just give you some highlights from the last couple of months.

Mom is the kind of person who MCs things.
This is the bicentennial of Candor, NY, our hometown. Many activities and hooplas are going on in honor of the anniversary. Mom helped organize and research facts for a "historic" wedding gown fashion show with dresses from as far back as the 1860s. Candor's oldest church (The Congregational) was decorated "wedding-style" and 34 young ladies and many not-so-young ladies donned gowns from through out the ages. Ten antique gowns were displayed on mannequins. Amazing. There was even a woman aged 97 (NINETY-SEVEN!!) who wore her bridal gown. Phenomenal!

Mom is the kind of person who hosts things. New York, you may have heard, recently passed legislation allowing same sex couples to marry. There is a couple from Mom & Dad's church who have been together since, for all intents and purposes, the dawn of time. They want to get married. Mom is their wedding coordinator/host. Her house and amazing property have been the site of many a wedding, reunion, graduation party, picnic.... This one is going to especially-special as it will surely be one of the Firsts in the state. So proud of my Mom and her forward-thinking, love-first ways!

Mom is the kind of person who saves people. Unfortunately, there is a propensity in our family toward addiction. Recently, after a lifelong "managed" struggle, a devastating loss brought about a dependence on alcohol that began to rule the life of one of our family members. Her patient and loving husband was at his wit's end. So, when she said she was ready to get help, Mom made phone calls around the county and the state and arrangements were made. Thirty days in a facility in Florida. This kind of thing is not cheap. This kind of thing is not a guarantee of success. This kind of thing is, frankly, exceptionally expensive. Mom dug into her savings, her investments, her everything... and paid for the rehab. This relative is back now and so-far-so-good. Here's hopin'...

Mom is the kind of person who shows up.
At the end of this month, Tommy will be in his second summer theater production. He is basically Camper #48. He doesn't have any lines or solos and I'm not even sure how many minutes he'll be on stage. But, Mom and Dad (and my niece and nephew who moved into my parent's house when their dad was diagnosed with cancer... and that's not even a bullet point entry to this post!!) will be making the long journey to New Hampshire to spend a few days and to see the show. And the next day... they will make the equally long journey to my sister Heidi's house outside Philadelphia where HER daughter is in a summer show. Showing up is one of the things Mom does best.

Just one season and a quick 30 minute write up of the top-of-my-head Mom Marvelous-ness.


  1. Your Mom is pretty spectacular, that's for sure, are YOU! Someday, Tommy and Elliott will be writing "Marvy Mom Monday" entries for you, I have no doubt! xo

  2. I wanna be a mom who "shows up"!