Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jogging for Joplin

This morning I drove around the lake to Laconia to take part in a benefit run, "Jogging for Joplin". Since the devastating tornado there last month, many people have wondered about how to help. Come to find out, the city was scheduled to host a half-marathon today, June 11. Obviously, they had to cancel the event. What they didn't expect is that people from all over the place would continue to register (and pay) for the race... so that the funds could go to the relief effort. How cool is that?

Kevin Sperl, a journalist/photographer/runner/kind-fella-who-picked-up-my-Boston-packet-for-me-when-I-couldn't-run/helluva guy and his equally awesome wife, Lynn, put together this informal run we did this morning. (For some beautiful photos and great writing about where I live, please check out his website, Lakes Region Spirit, here.)

We gathered at 8AM, wrote a check for whatever amount we saw fit, and ran a nice 10K loop through Laconia and the WOW Trail. (I'd never been on that trail - it's pretty new - and it really is fantastic!) We trotted as a group for most of it, picked up the pace around mile 3.5 for a bit, and then eased into the finish.

Kevin is going to give the money to the Red Cross in Joplin. In fact, he's *hoping* to be able to go out there and volunteer for a week or so (with road races in cities on either side of Joplin before and after the grunt work). Told ya he was a helluva guy!

It was great fun to run in a new place and with like-minded people. It was perfect running weather (cool and overcast). It was a great morning.

And now we are frantically trying to get packed for our camping/schmancy hotel/schmancy Hamptons trip. Oh, and trying to figure out if and which vehicle we looked at yesterday we might buy. Busy day!!

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  1. what a great idea....Have fun at the Hamptons!