Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Things Friday

(Something VERY strange is going on with Blogger today... so if this looks weird, I'm sorry! I'm giving up trying to fix it!)

1. I've noticed that lots of people have theme days for their blogs. I feel like my ideas for blogging are feast or famine, so this might help me.

2. I have decided to train for the Clarence Demar Marathon which will be on September 25. This gives me about 15 more weeks to train - plenty of time. The plan is to run this race if I don't get into the Hood to Coast nuun team. I'm using a fairly aggressive (for me) training plan that I'll talk about in detail in another post. My goal - and it is a pretty big stretch - is to run a 3:40:00. This is a full 4-minutes faster than my PR. This time will square me with the new BQ times for my age group, which become the new norm beginning in 2013.

3. We have luxuriated in vacation-mode for the last couple of days. The sun was so high this morning by the time I got out of bed I was sure it was 10AM. (It was 6:45... not too bad for 'sleeping in'!) Besides going to the beach when we want, letting the kids stay up late and basically enjoying ourselves, we are spending our days getting ready for traveling, which begins on Sunday. This includes a couple of days of camping at Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts, a day in Providence at a schmancy hotel, and 2 days in the Hamptons with some college friends. We haven't seen them since Elliott was a month old so it will be great!

4. Speaking of babies who are not babies.... Elliott is going to be 5 on the 16th. It's sort of unbelievable. We've been talking for months about some things he needs to be able to do and he has PROMISED that he'll be ready to do them when he turns 5. One of these things is peeing standing up. I know. Weird, right? For some reason he has been VERY reluctant to pee that way, preferring to sit. Today, just minutes ago, actually... he peed standing up! He's also been working on buckling his own seat belt, which sometimes he can do and sometimes he can't, depending on where the buckle in on the strap and how is booster seat is positioned. It's great to have a kid who *knows* when he'll be ready to do something and is willing to work toward that goal as long as we give him the time.

5. My mom is amazing. There is so much more to this - an entire multi-volume biopic, I'd wager - but for now, that is all.

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