Sunday, June 12, 2011

Doofus moment

If you tuned in yesterday, you know that I ran the "Jogging for Joplin" fun run in Laconia which was put together by Kevin Sperl of Lakes Region Spirit. A great cause and a great 10K jaunt.

One typical-of-me doofus moment you might enjoy....

I didn't really know where I was going. I mean, I had a vague sense of where we were meeting up, but I don't spend a lot of time in Laconia. When I knew I was getting close to the location I was thrilled to see a group of runners standing together, talking, stretching... Clearly getting ready to Jog for Joplin. It was 7:50AM and I was impressed at how prompt everyone was. I zipped into the parking lot down the block, quickly got myself squared away and scooted down the sidewalk to greet them. As I was walking toward them, they suddenly started running. "Huh, they're starting early. That's weird." So, I started running to catch the tale end of the group.

"Did he start early?"
"No it was scheduled for 7:00."
"Wait. Is this Jogging for Joplin?"
"No, this is a triathlon clinic."


I was fascinated as I ran down the road back to my car and couldn't help thinking, shoot, maybe I ought to stick with them! For now, I can't do a triathlon, but it's good to know that clinics such as this exist. Something to think about....

Luckily I was merely 200 yards away from where I should have been and I found the group. Ever classy, I introduced myself by hollering, "I'm such a dumb ass I tried to joined up with a triathlon clinic down the street!" I love to make a good first impression.

How have you gotten off to an awkward start with a new group?

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  1. I sexually harassed the parent of a student because I thought she was someone else. She laughs about it now!