Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bridesmaid edition

nuun announced their Hood to Coast team today at 12PM. I was out and about with the boys and my pal Megan and her little boy. She has a phone from the 21st Century so at noon she checked the nuun website to see if I made the cut.

Nope. Two teams listed and five alternates.... but my name wasn't there. I was a little disappointed but not crushed and certainly not surprised. This was my "sign" to work my butt off for that (post-2013 Boston Qualifying) 3:40 marathon in September.

I got home and checked my email. Here's what one of them said:

Hi Phoebe!
When we posted the link on the blog this am for some reason the last line of code wasn't working... so hopefully you got the letter we sent out... the blog announcement is corrected now.

We loved your video!!

Oh. So I'm an alternate. Oh. Huh. Hmmmm. Well.

Oddly, this has me more worked up than the flat out "no". I seem to be in a zone lately of "always a bridesmaid" in a few areas of my life. I think the odds of me getting into the race are pretty close to zip, but I'm happy to have a sliver of a hope.

I needed to think about all this stuff and I didn't have a good way to run today. This morning before Scott left for camp (6:30AM) my body was still aching from Sunday & Tuesday's workouts. Tonight during dinner (when I could skip the camp meal and run while the boys are with Scott) the weather calls for rain/thunderstorms. No, thanks.

So, I let the boys have their screen time and I ran around my yard. It sprinkled pleasantly. Elliott played chase with me for a little while. I discovered lots of spots that I missed with the lawn mower last Saturday. And this video will give you a tour of what I looked at (over and over and over again) for my 30 minute easy run.

I didn't work any of the stuff out that I was thinking about, but I did decide it might be fun to film a lap of it and post it. Cuz that's what you're missing in your life, right? A jerky, dull video of where Phoebe lives?



  1. Personally if it was me I would train for my marathon and go for the sub 3:40. For me I would rather have a goal that was a definite vs. a goal that was a maybe....good luck processing everything.

  2. Congrats on alternate, I agree it feels worse than an all out no. Not sure how to take the "hey we love you, just not that much" at least we tried though!

  3. I see at least a couple of those other girls over training and injuring themselves. I think you have a very good chance of getting in that race..., but focus on your 3:40!

  4. I saw your name on the list - congratulations even if being in limbo kind of sucks! You never know what will happen between now and then. Out of 20 people someone is bound to have a conflict of some sort.