Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tough Grrrrllll!

Today's workout was kind of killer. And they are only going to get harder from here. That is, IF I'm doing the marathon in September.... Still waiting to hear about whether nuun wants to invite me on their Hood to Coast team. If they do, I'm going to skip the marathon. Here's hopin'!

My husband is a teacher fall - late spring and in the summer he is the assistant director at William Lawrence Camp, a traditional boys' summer camp about 6 miles from our house. It's the place he went when he was a kid and this is literally his 20th year there. During the summer, this means he is away from home 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. This obviously has some disadvantages that I'll doubtless be screaming about later in the summer. But, last night, it worked out great.

Scott very generously offered to take the boys overnight at camp. Now that they are 5 and 7, they don't need constant supervision so this very doable for him and a VERY nice break for Mom. Last night this meant: a) no bouncing small people back to their beds until 9:30PM; b) a couple of episodes of Archer on Netflix (HOLY COW! so sick and SO funny!); and c) I could go to the track in the morning for my workout.

The workout was 20 minute warm up, 5 x 800M with 400M recovery, 15 minute cool down. I was running a little late (literally) so I wasn't sure how much of this I was going to squeeze in. (I had to be at camp by 7:30 to reclaim the kids... also to score a free breakfast!)

My legs are pretty sore because of my long run on Sunday.... which was supposed to be Saturday... and was supposed to be flat and easy... but which started at 5PM at camp and took me up and down gigantic mountains and reminded me about how much harder the hills are over on that side of town than over here... which I just mapped on Map My Run and found the illustration of the elevation gain/loss to be visually very satisfying....

Anyway, my legs were pretty sore because of my long run on Sunday so my expectations were pretty low. The warm up was fine - I went to the nearby trail and did 10 minutes out and back. I got back to the track and cruised the first 800, thinking (rightly) that I needed to hold back a bit until the last 2 if I was going to survive. I did the first 2 at about 7:40 pace, the next 2 at about 7:10 pace. For the final one I needed to kick my sense of badass-ness up a notch so I took off my running shirt... (possibly inviting a sexual harassment suit from the poor college kid who was just trying to do some landscaping when some old lady took off her top and ran around in her sports bra!! "I need an adult!") Anyway, it worked and I ran it at about 6:45 pace.

When I think about what these 800 times would be in real life (3:50, 3:35 and 3:22) it makes me somewhat depressed. But... the days of cranking out sub-3:00 800s ended at age 18 so I guess I just need to get used to it. (Also, the 18-year-old me could never crank out mileage like I do now, so she can kiss my wrinkly butt!)

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