Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twelve more cents accounted for!

You may have heard I kind of like to run.
You may also have heard that I have 2 children, whom I also kind of like.
The demands of these two very likable things sometimes conflict. Enter, SBS and Dim....

About a year ago I found a great article in Runners World magazine by these two women/moms who talked about how to balance running and mom-ing. It was funny and dead on and pretty darn inspiring. The article, as it turned out, was excerpts from a book that they had written. I smelled a Mother's Day present and promptly (okay, like a month and a half later) bought it.

Cut to last Friday. I had a great opportunity to interview the authors, Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell, for their first-ever podcast! (This is where that title comes from. I used about 12 cents of my Ithaca College Park School of Communications degree in broadcast journalism).... See, in the year since I first read the book I've sort of, ummm, joined the cult. Now, they call it a a TRIBE of Mother Runners. But I think Cult is far more hilarious. Anyway, Sarah (also known as Champy and SBS) and Dimity have done an amazing job of marketing their book and bringing together legions of Mamas (and Mama supporters). They have a fantastic Facebook page and blog. Literally THOUSANDS of people's lives have been touched by this book and the accompanying website and FB page. And since I got nothin' better goin' on.... Well, sign me up!

I had a chance to meet and run with Sarah last summer when her book/running tour took her to Cape Cod. We immediately found that we shared a very sarcastic sense of humor, a competive side and an appreciation for a glass of wine following a run. We've been in touch since via email and FB and we check in after races we run on the phone. She noticed that I enjoy a good "nyuk-nyuk" and honored me by asking me to be the host for their premiere podcast. And so... TA DA! Last Friday afternoon/evening, via Skype and sitting in 3 different homes in 3 different states and 3 different time zones.... We did the interview. You can listen here. (You have to scroll down a bit and then you'll see a pic of me and Elliott...)

And finally, here's a pic of SBS and me enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio of a sweaty Cape Cod run.... which I can't make bigger without getting super blurry. Trust me. We're gorgeous.

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