Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Because it seems I ought to....

I'm 37 today. I don't have anything profound to say but it just seems like I ought to post. Day started out with a good 4 mile run at 5:30AM. My right hip is screaming a bit and the batteries on my headlamp were dying so it was pretty dark.... But I'm always happy to run on my birthday.

Quiet morning with daycare.... 4 out of 6 kiddos present. Went to story time. Made lunch. Enjoyed numerous/humorous Facebook greetings.

And here's a photo from the Gala event this weekend. We look, I dare say, kind purty. For us, anyway!

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  1. From the sounds of the 'blog' (save for the...'screaming' hip--egad), 37 is off to an inspiring start!!! Congrats on all of your family's accomplishments over the past few weeks, Phoebe. Big hugs, Happy Birthday--and much love and continued success in everything you and Scott are devoting your time to!!!