Friday, March 25, 2011

Dad's review of Dispatches

Moments ago... literally... my mom emailed me my father's review of "Dispatches From Candor". I put it here because it's just so Dad: sweet and insightful and quietly hilarious.

Please let my kids feel this lucky some day!

March 15, 2011

Dispatches from Candor

Reports of any events I have participated in or closely observed are seldom what I expect.

Dispatches became less a surprise than a Triple “F” special: Family, Faith and Fun.

Family was conflated, combined, reduced and consolidated. For my part, I was granted ordination, which I do not deserve, and an early exit through an untimely, early death, which I have avoided. I even am endowed with paternity of our heroine, whose development, character and class I would have been proud to claim.

All the women of my generation disappear from the plot. Matriphobia, Scott?

But ah, that younger generation – those women especially, strong, stylish, not so civil . And the boys, had to bleach “Mark” to fit the genotype available and spare the explanations. The Peter character – intoxicated, vibrant, and ordained!

Once the familiar family folklore is installed, sibling rivalries displayed and love expressed or implied you find a real family.

Scott has distilled a family history that might be mistaken as an allegory – but it is the account of a contest. Cancer the apparent winner, but Polly is the dominatrix. Faith is hard to define, but it is obvious here. Not unlike my failing NCAA basketball tournament brackets, we will all fill out our wishes, not our expectations thanks for the help with that!

Winners: cancer, Polly, resolve, faith

Losers: cancer, selfishness, envy

Watch the play – Find yourself – Rejoice in life - Live in love.

And here's a pic of Dad, Mom & my boys...

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