Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So very much to say about the premiere of "Dispatches From Candor" this weekend. I wrote this to a friend on FB:

I so wish you could see this show we wrote. I'm, like, really proud of it! Was worried it wouldn't have universal appeal since people here didn' t know Polly. It seems to have struck a major chord, though. Should have known: every family has pain and love and tragedy and mistakes and grudges and laughter...

First, it was amazing to have my parents and Jamey here to see it. My mom and dad's reaction in particular was very important to us and a pretty good litmus test to how the rest of the friends & family will feel when the curtain closes. Also, it was just plain good to have them here for a few days. I just really, really love my parents and they really, really love us. They're too infrequent and too brief, but our visits are always just awesome.

Just thinking about Polly's People seeing and experiencing these amazing kids in this show puts a lump in my throat. Of course, now that the "strangers" have seen the show, I've got new anxieties about what the Home Team will think.

Such as...
1) The names and major life events are changed, but will anyone who inspired these flawed but beautiful characters feel betrayed?

2) Will we have changed the people and events TOO much... In other words, are people going to expect to come to this show and see Polly's life story? Boy, I hope not.

3) What if nobody shows up???

Those are the top three, anyway. I guess it's important that I worry, just like Polly and Grandma Barden would. I'm going to rub my hands together and looked concerned now... just like Polly and Grandma Barden would.

Boston marathon note.... Just learned that another person may pick up my Race Packet on the weekend of the marathon... Kevin Spearl has agreed to do so for me so I will at least get to pin the bib to my Wall of Bibs! A very important keepsake for sure.

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