Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tying up loose ends

Tommy and I went to public skating on Sunday. We got there and began putting on our skates. He got his on, with some help, and I started to tie them. And then....

"Oh, Mom, I can tie them."
"You can?"
"Yeah. Mrs. Roseen taught me."
"Yeah. I just don't have any tie shoes at home so I didn't show you."

About 2 months ago I called Mrs. Roseen (T's OT teacher) to find out if we should even attempt to teach him this skill. Is he ready, given all the fine motor delays he has? She said she hadn't been working on it but that she would get started. There was no reason, she said, he couldn't tie his shoes.

Great! We would start working on it. Scott said he would work on with him, too. Great!

I worked on it with him for about 2 minutes. I got frustrated. He got frustrated.

Christmas season came.
The New Year arrived.
January disappeared.
I never worked on it with him again.
Neither did Scott.
I don't think we even thought about it.

And here we are!! I am thrilled (and a little embarrassed)....

Thank you, Mrs. Roseen!!!

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  1. A reminder of Bill learning to tie. His mid-year report card indicated he could tie. I had still been doing it. I asked him why he had me still doing it and hadn't told me he could do it himself. His answer, "I thought you liked doing it and I didn't want you to feel bad."